With the new M1 chipsets that Apple has introduced to its computer lineup, apart from the promise of high-performance, one of the things that really stood out during the presentation was Apple’s claims of insane battery life. The company touted anywhere between 15-20 hours on the new 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.


Is this all just marketing hype? We wouldn’t blame you if you thought that it was, but it seems that this is one of those rare instances where the hype is very much real. According to users sharing their experience with the new M1 chipsets, it appears that the new laptops are providing some pretty fantastic battery life.

This was tested using Zoom where users claim that Zoom on the M1 uses about 10% of battery per hour, and where their laptops lasted them about 8 hours before it dropped down to 28%. This breakdown includes about 4.5 hours on Zoom, 3 hours of web browsing, checking emails, using Office, and about 45 minutes of sleep with the laptop’s lid closed.

This means that with the remaining 28%, it is possible that the new M1 laptops could hit the 10 or maybe 11 hour mark. Battery life will vary depending on how you use your laptop, but to squeeze 8 hours with relatively intense usage is pretty amazing.

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