Earlier this month, it was rumored that Epic could be considering launching a subscription service for its Fortnite game. This subscription would grant players a steady stream of in-game cash as well as other perks. Turns out the rumors were right on the money as Epic has since announced the subscription service which they are calling Fortnite Crew.

At a price of $11.99 a month, a Fortnite Crew subscription will give players access to the Battle Pass for the entire season, and continued access as long as they remain subscribed. They will also be given 1,000 V-Bucks every month which will allow them to purchase items in the game, as well as a new Fortnite Crew outfit every month.

Given that V-Bucks are typically priced at $7.99, so for that extra $4, you’ll be getting other perks as well, so it might not necessarily be a bad deal if you’re an avid player that can see yourself playing the game long into the future. That being said, $11.99 does add up over time and can be expensive in the long-run, but it might appeal to more hardcore Fortnite gamers who can appreciate these perks.

Fortnite Crew will be officially launching on the 2nd of December together with the arrival of Chapter 2 – Season 5, so you still have some time to consider it. The game will continue to remain free-to-play so if you’re not keen on subscribing, you won’t have to and will be able to continue to enjoy the game as is.

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