One of the reasons why art is considered subjective and two pieces are never quite the same is because when creating art, how we go about creating it is based on our personal experiences that help us develop a style over time. However, there are some poets who are considered legends when it comes to their prose.


If you’ve ever wanted to write a piece of poetry in the style of a famous poet, you might want to check out Google’s new AI powered Verse by Verse tool. This is a tool that draws inspiration from the likes of poets such as Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, and Walt Whitman. The tool lets you pick a structure you want and will have you compose your first line of verse, after which the AI will then kick in and suggest some options for you to complete it.

Of course, users won’t have to accept all the suggestions made by Google’s AI and are free to write whatever they want. The idea is that this will help inspire aspiring poets and maybe give them an understanding of how some of these legendary poets crafted their verses, which in turn will help you create something that is more unique to your own style of writing.

It’s a fun little tool and is Google’s way of demonstrating its AI capabilities, so if you want to write your own poem, head on over to Google’s Verse by Verse page and start writing away!

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