A lot of our home’s energy is being used towards heating or cooling our homes, which is why there is a demand for smart thermostat systems like Nest, which can help us avoid unnecessarily wasting energy by making smarter decisions for us. One of the features of the new Nest Thermostat is HVAC monitoring, but the good news for those who own older models is that you won’t need to buy a new unit to take advantage of it.

According to a blog post on Google’s website, it appears that Google is now rolling out the feature to older Nest Thermostat devices in the US and Canada. This means that if you already own a Nest Thermostat, you should be able to make use of the HVAC monitoring feature as well and won’t need to spend extra money to upgrade your current unit.

Nest engineer Marco Bonvini claims that the feature was actually being worked on as far back as two years ago, and it looks like it is now ready for consumers. According to Bonvini, “When our customers had an HVAC issue, they would call us assuming there was something wrong. We were trying to help them troubleshoot and connect them to a Nest Pro, but we wanted to do it more proactively.”

So in the future, in the event that there could be something wrong with your HVAC system, your Google Home app should send you notifications to let you know about it, after which you can then get a professional to take a look at it and maybe fix it.

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