Most face masks are designed to be disposable, but given the current pandemic, the number of face masks that are being worn and carelessly tossed away has increased by an alarming rate, which is why there is also a rise in face masks that can be reused and come with filters that can be swapped out.

A good rule of thumb is that these filters are generally good for about two weeks, but depending on how frequently you use it, you might forget, and this is where AirPop comes in. The AirPop is a smart face mask that can actually remind you when to change your filters based on how often you use it.

There are built-in sensors, called the Halo, that can also be used to monitor other things like breath, air quality, and so on, which are linked to an accompanying app. Unlike regular surgical masks, the AirPop has also been designed with pathogens like the coronavirus in mind, so in addition to being able to protect you against pollution, it will also be appropriate in our current situation.

AirPop is not alone in trying to create smart face masks. Razer, a company typically known for their gaming peripherals, recently announced Project Hazel, a smart mask project that comes with features like built-in RGBs. For those who might prefer a device like AirPop, it is expected to be available online later this month and will be released to select retailers in the early part of 2021 for $150.

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