Just because you workout everyday doesn’t necessarily mean that you are 100% healthy. There could be other underlying issues that you might not be aware of. Take for example 58-year old Bob March, whose wife, Lori March, gave him an Apple Watch for their 17th wedding anniversary.


It turns out that the gift was a literal life-saver. March was a former college-level athlete and runs half marathons. Taking his new Apple Watch for a spin, March discovered that the heart rate monitor was showing him a reading of 127bpm when he was resting, which is pretty high. He initially brushed it off as a fluke, but later on he discovered that the readings were kind of erratic and were going up and down.

This repeated itself over the course of the next few days, which prompted his wife to schedule an appointment with his doctor. According to March, “I figured the doctor would tell me to practice breathing, try yoga, cut back on sodium or something of that sort. Instead, 10 minutes after meeting with me, he had me in an ambulance headed to the ER.”

It turns out that the doctor had found an arrhythmia which if left unchecked, could have had devastating consequences. March has since undergone a successful surgery and has credited his Apple Watch for playing a role in potentially saving his life.

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