The problem with wearables like headphones or headsets is that they aren’t always designed to be worn for extended periods of time and can get uncomfortable. However, Apple is looking into ways to make them more comfortable, at least based on a patent discovered by AppleInsider pertaining to the company’s rumored VR headset.

According to the patent, one of the ways Apple envisions keeping the user comfortable is to borrow air conditioning technology. Apple won’t actually be building an air conditioner into the VR headset itself, although that would be pretty cool (both literally and figuratively).

Based on the patent’s description, “Head-mounted devices are an attractive technology for providing an immersive user experience,” says the patent application. As with other electronic devices, head-mounted devices can employ a cooling system based on circulation of air to maintain electronic components at desirable operating temperatures.”

That being said, as this is a patent it’s hard to say if Apple will actually leverage this technology or if they’re simply thinking about it. To date Apple hasn’t explicitly mentioned anything about creating headsets, although we have heard rumors that the VR headset could launch either later this year or next year where it could cost as much as $3,000.

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