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Video Shows Alleged Apple Magnetic Wireless Charging Prototype
A report from earlier this year from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that Apple could be working on a small wireless charging mat. It is unclear if this is Apple’s alternative to the failed AirPower charging mat, or if it could be another separate accessory entirely, but now a video has surfaced that supposedly confirms the existence of the device.

Apple Could Launch A ‘Less Ambitious’ AirPower
A report from last week suggested that Apple could be bringing back the AirPower wireless charging mat. Now it looks like a new report from Bloomberg is corroborating those claims with some additional details, namely how this new AirPower wireless charging mat could be a “less ambitious” version of the original.

Alleged AirPower Teardown Shows How Complicated It Is
Last year, Apple cancelled their plans for the AirPower wireless charging mat. The company claimed that they were unable to meet the high standards that they set for themselves, and as such, decided that it would be better to cancel it rather than bring a subpar product into the market.

Apple’s Cancelled AirPower Could Return At iPhone 12 Event
A couple of years ago, Apple announced the AirPower wireless charging mat. One the main differences between the AirPower and other charging mats is that users can place their devices anywhere on the pad and it will charge, versus current charging mats where users need to place their devices on specific spots.


Newly Leaked Photos Shows A Working AirPower Charging Mat
As some of you might recall, back in early 2019, Apple announced that they would be cancelling their AirPower wireless charging mat. This was hot on the heels of various reports in which it claimed that Apple had run into some technical hurdles with the device and could not solve it in time.

Apple’s AirPower Could Be Relaunched In Multiple Sizes
Last year, Apple announced that they would no longer be launching its AirPower wireless charging mat. This was reportedly due to the various technical hurdles that Apple could not overcome, such as overheating. However, recently there have been rumors suggesting that Apple is back at the drawing board and that the project might not be completely dead.

Apple’s AirPower Could Use A11 Chipset To Address Overheating Issues
Last year, much to everyone’s disappointment, Apple officially announced that their AirPower wireless charging mat will no longer be happening. The company did not dive into details about the reasons why, but leading up to the announcement, there were reports that Apple was having technical issues with it due to the device overheating.

Apple’s AirPower Might Not Be Completely Dead After All
Back in 2019, Apple announced that after a year or so of having announced the AirPower wireless charging mat, that the project will be cancelled. Apple did not state the reasons why the device was ultimately canned, but rumors suggested that the company might have been a bit too ambitious with their plans which led to a ton of technical issues.

Apple Might Not Have Completely Given Up On Its AirPower Wireless Charger Yet
Apple seemed like they were set to disrupt the wireless charging industry with the announcement of the AirPower back in 2017, but unfortunately after reports of various technical issues such as overheating and not being able to meet Apple’s standards and goals of what it should do, the company’s ultimately cancelled the product last year.

Apple Will Start Selling Mophie’s Multi-Device Wireless Chargers
One of the main selling points of Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat is that it can charge multiple devices at once, such as the iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. Unfortunately, the accessory has since been cancelled due to developmental issues, but it seems that Apple will offer up some third-party alternatives instead.

Apple Has Officially Cancelled The AirPower
In what feels like an early April Fool’s joke, it seems that Apple has cancelled its upcoming AirPower wireless charging mat. Unfortunately, for those who were looking forward to it, it is no joke as the company has since officially confirmed that they have cancelled the production of the accessory.

Apple’s AirPower Spotted On Packaging Of AirPods Wireless Charging Case
According to the rumors, Apple’s long-awaited AirPower wireless charging mat could be announced this week. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen as Apple has yet to formally announce or confirm anything, but if there is one thing we do know for sure, it is that the accessory has not been cancelled.

Apple’s AirPower Charging Mat Could Be Launched Next Week
Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat was announced in 2017 alongside the iPhone X but it has yet to make its debut. There were times when it was even rumored that the accessory could have been shelved, but more recent rumors are claiming otherwise. In fact according to a report from DigiTimes, the AirPower accessory could actually be launching next week.

New AirPower Image Spotted On Apple’s Website
While Apple has yet to officially confirm when its AirPower wireless charging mat will launch, there have been signs and rumors that the device could be close to launching. In fact according to MacRumors, they have discovered that within Apple’s website’s source code, there is a reference to a new image of the AirPower (pictured above).