Apple References AirPower Charging Mat On Smart Battery Case Website

Many are no doubt curious to the state of Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat. Has it been cancelled? Will it see the light of day? If recent rumors are to be believed, production of the AirPower has already begun which means that we should see it soon enough. If you’re looking for more proof, Apple actually referenced it by accident on its website.

Production Of Apple’s AirPower Is Reportedly Already Underway

The AirPower wireless charging accessory from Apple was originally announced in 2017, pegged for a 2018 release, but has since missed its mark. However it seems that 2019 could be the year it finally launches because according to a tweet by ChargerLab, it seems that production of the device is already underway by Luxshare Precision.

Apple Has Reportedly Fixed The AirPower’s Issues

2018 has come and gone and Apple’s initial promise to release the AirPower in 2018 has obviously been broken. Like we said before, the company’s silence on the matter does not sound particularly encouraging, but for those who are still interested in the AirPower, there is some hope.

Apple’s AirPower Misses Its 2018 Deadline

More often than not, whenever Apple announces a new product, it launches shortly after its announcement. There have been instances when an announcement is made, only to have the product launch much later. This was the case with the Mac Pro and iMac Pro which were announced early in the year but launched in the later part of the year.


Job Listings Reveal That Apple’s AirPower Is Still Alive

Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat was announced in 2017 and was supposed to launch this year, but clearly that was not the case. There were some reports suggesting that the AirPower project was “doomed”, but as spotted by MacRumors, Apple has job listings in which the AirPower is still mentioned, suggesting that the project is still very much alive and well.

Apple Has Not Given Up On Its AirPower Charger Yet

If Apple’s AirPower is something that you’ve been looking forward to, you might be interested to learn that Apple has not given up on the product yet. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he claims that Apple has not given up on the AirPower and that the company is still hoping that they’ll be able to launch it by the end of the year.

AirPower Referenced In iPhone Xs Packaging & iOS 12.1 Code

Many are wondering what will happen to the AirPower wireless charging pad from Apple. It was expected to be officially launched at Apple’s iPhone event last week, but that clearly did not happen. In fact mentions of the AirPower accessory were subsequently removed from Apple’s website, and was followed by reports claiming that the device was “doomed” as it was plagued by all kinds of technical problems.

Apple’s AirPower Charger Is Reportedly ‘Doomed To Failure’

The original iPhone X was Apple’s first smartphone to support wireless charging. The company teased its very first wireless charger called AirPower alongside the device as well last year. A lot has happened over the course of the year. The iPhone X was released and now discontinued as Apple launched three new models last week but the AirPower wasn’t even mentioned at its event. According to multiple reports, the ambitious […]

Apple Seems To Have Removed Mentions Of AirPower From Its Website

Last year when the 2017 iPhones were announced, Apple revealed that they would support wireless charging and unsurprisingly revealed its own wireless charging accessory in the AirPower charging mat. This would allow users to charge their iPhones, Apple Watches, and even the AirPods (with a compatible case) at once.

Apple’s Wireless Charging Solutions Will Launch Next Month

With the launch of the 2017 iPhones, Apple also announced that they would finally be bringing wireless charging to its products (to be fair the Apple Watch sort of works along the same concept). However to date Apple’s wireless charging products have yet to arrive, but they are expected to debut next month.

This Is How Much Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charging Mat Could Cost

Apple’s products have never been known to be cheap/affordable, and neither are their official accessories. This is why when we heard the rumors that the AirPower wireless charging mat could be priced at $200, we can’t say that we were surprised. However according to a new report from Chongdiantou (via Cult of Mac), it could be cheaper than that.

Apple’s AirPower Charger May Not Be Released Before September

Some of you might remember that Apple announced its AirPower wireless charging mat for multiple devices in September last year alongside its new iPhone. The device would have enabled users to charge their iPhone 8, Apple Watch, and AirPods on a single mat. However, Apple has not been able to release the product so far and if a new report is to be believed, the AirPower wireless charging mat may […]

AirPower Wireless Charging Accessory Might Arrive Soon

The iPhone X finally brought wireless charging to iPhones and the company also announced during the launch event that it’s going to launch a wireless charging accessory for the device called AirPower. It has been a while since this product was announced and as fans await its release, multiple reports have suggested that the Apple AirPower wireless charging accessory might finally be released this month.

New Report ‘Confirms’ Apple’s AirPower On Track For March Release

When Apple confirmed that its newer iPhones would support wireless charging, unsurprisingly the company also announced their own wireless charging pad called the AirPower. However no release date was given for the device, although an earlier report this month suggested that March could be a possible release window.