Back in 2019, Apple confirmed that their wireless charging mat AirPower was cancelled, but later in the year, there were reports suggesting that the project might not have been fully cancelled and that Apple was working internally to try and fix the issues before potentially relaunching it.

However, according to a tweet by the ever-accurate Jon Prosser, it seems that we probably shouldn’t get our hopes up anymore. This is because Prosser cites his sources who claim that Apple is essentially done with the AirPower project and that they doubt that it will ever get picked up again.

To be fair, Apple has never officially announced anything apart from the official confirmation that the device had been cancelled, so for all we know, it was always dead. Apple has since debuted the MagSafe charging system which is an alternative to AirPower. It is a wireless charging system that uses magnets to adhere to the back of the iPhone.

Some believe that this is Apple laying the foundation for the future where it is rumored that the company could eventually one day debut an iPhone that is completely portless, and that the MagSafe system is how they plan to go about it. Needless to say that this should be taken with a grain of salt, but with there being so many third-party wireless charging mats, we’re not sure if we really needed an official one anyway.

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