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Leading up to the Apple Watch’s launch, there were rumors that the watch could be undergoing a redesign to sport flat edges and a larger screen. Those rumors were kind of right because while we did get a bigger screen, the rumored redesign was nowhere to be seen. This has since led to speculation that maybe something happened last minute that forced Apple to change their plans.

While that is one possibility, John Gruber of Daring Fireball believes that the leaked renders might be accurate, but rather, they are based on designs intended for 2022’s Apple Watch Series 8.

According to Gruber, he notes that when it comes to hardware design, Apple probably started work relatively early on, and that the leaked renders are based on an advanced stage of the design. It actually makes sense because to switch out designs last minute would have a domino effect across their entire supply chain that could be a very expensive process. Not to mention they would also need time to test out the redesign.

In any case, we have said a few times before that based on the rumors, it seems that all the big changes and health features are apparently being “saved” for the Series 8, so if you can hold out from upgrading this year, next year’s model might be more exciting.

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