Being able to shuffle songs is a great way of listening to music when you’re not sure what to listen to and just want something randomly played from your library. However, it seems that when it comes to shuffling songs within an album, singer Adele isn’t too fond of the feature. So much so that at her request, Spotify has removed the feature.

In a tweet by the singer, she writes that musicians generally put a lot of thought into their tracklistings and that songs are laid out in a way for a reason. In many cases, for those who have never really paid attention, this is true. Albums are sometimes like a story where there is an intro song followed by various songs in different styles, and sometimes it’s also followed by an outro to help close everything out.

By shuffling an album, it’s kind of like watching a movie and skipping through various parts of the movie at random, where you might not be able to fully appreciate the movie by the time it’s done. Like we said, Spotify has since removed the shuffle feature on albums as it seems that the company is taking her request quite seriously.

Now whenever users (with a Spotify Premium subscription) view an album page, hitting the “Play” button will now play songs in order, but shuffle can still be toggled when viewing individual tracks. Based on the comments to Adele’s tweet, other musicians also seem to be pretty happy with these changes.

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