The problem with smartwatches is that generally speaking, their displays are kind of small. While display sizes have increased slightly over the years, honestly, it can only get so big because anything larger and it would look ridiculous. This means that certain things you can do on your smartphone, you won’t be able to do on your watch.

This includes browsing websites, which is why Apple has never bothered to create a version of Safari for the Apple Watch. However, if web browsing is something you would like to see on the Apple Watch, you’re in luck thanks to developer Arno Appenzeller who has launched the µBrowser app for the Apple Watch.

This is basically a browser designed for the smartwatch that will let you browse websites from the comfort (?) of your wrist. According to 9to5Mac who tried the app out, it’s not a perfect app. They note that websites load quite slowly, and some don’t even load at all, suggesting that it might be due to formatting issues that make them incompatible.

They also note that some websites that use custom fonts might not display correctly as these websites are forced to use standardized fonts when browsed on the Apple Watch. That being said, it’s an interesting app and if you feel like you wouldn’t mind that kind of flexibility, even though it’s not perfect, you’ll be able to get your hands on the app for $0.99.

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