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Samsung Responds To Apple's Campaign With 'Captured On Galaxy S7'
You might have come across Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign. Apple promotes the photography credentials of its iPhones with this campaign, it picks out some of the best pictures that have been taken with an iPhone and then showcases them in all their glory. Samsung has responded to that campaign but instead of using still pictures it has gone with 4K Ultra HD video.

Watch 2016 Rio Olympics In 4K On NBC
4K televisions are gradually becoming popular and HDR, a relatively new trend, is catching on as well. Those who have a TV that supports these standards will be able to get an enhanced viewing experience of the upcoming Olympics. NBC has announced that it will provide carriers with content from this year’s games, enabling viewers to watch 2016 Rio Olympics in 4K and HDR. The only caveat here is that […]

Star Trek Combo Pack Is Paramount's First 4K Blu-ray Release
Paramount is going to come out with its first Blu-ray releases in 4K Ultra HD in the near future. The first releases include Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness, they will be available for purchase starting June 14th as the company commemorates the 50th anniversary of the broadcast of the very first Star Trek episode on NBC.

4K Video Recording Rumored For iPhone SE
There have been plenty of rumors about a smaller iPhone over the past few months. Apple hasn’t confirmed anything about such a smartphone yet but it has scheduled an event for March 21 where many believe it’s going to unveil the iPhone SE. A new rumor has emerged today which claims that the upcoming handset is going to feature a camera that’s capable of recording video in 4K.


First 4K Roku TV Models Go On Sale
Roku has announced that the first 4K UHD Roku TV models have gone on sale today. Best Buy is going to exclusively sell three 4K Insignia Roku TV models starting today, the TVs will be available through the retailer’s stores nationwide starting early next month. All 4K models will be powered by the Roku operating system which provides a simple smart TV experience and access to thousands of streaming channels, […]

4K Blu-rays Set To Hit The Market For $30 A Pop
Remember how CES once proved to be the battlefield for HD DVD and Blu-ray formats? While the dust in that particular battle has long been settled with Blu-ray emerging as the obvious winner, it looks like the next step in Blu-ray evolution would be to keep up with the slew of Ultra HD TVs that have been rolling out in quick succession from various manufacturers. Hence, it looks like 2016 […]

Ubergizmo’s Best of CES 2016
And it’s a wrap! CES 2016 is over. The 49th CES has brought more attendees and attention than ever. With 170k attendees (50k from abroad) and 6000 journalists and analysts, this was the largest CES ever. It is simply impossible to see everything, but we all thrived to tell you what we thought were the most interesting, sometimes out of the box, products of the show. This is our selection, […]

First 4K Roku TV Arrives Later This Year
Roku has spent the past few years expanding the reach of its platform by selling more of its streaming devices as well as licensing Roku TV, a smart TV platform unveiled in 2014 to TV OEMs, enabling them to build cost effective smart TVs. It’s taking a big step this year by coming out with its first 4K UHD TV, the company has introduced the Roku TV HDR reference design at […]

Panasonic 4K HDR TV Paves Way For The Future
[CEATEC 2015] Gone are the days when one TV is not too different from another, and a simple difference in design and perhaps having one or two specifications more than the next model offers minimal impact for the viewer, especially if those differences aren’t as astronomical as the jump between black and white to color, or from standard HD to Full HD. Full HD is the norm these days, with […]

Roku 4 With 4K Support Rumored
The race for 4K is on and many set-top box makers are now jumping on the Ultra HD bandwagon, NVIDIA’s Android TV set-top box already has support for 4K while Amazon recently unveiled a new Fire TV that also has support for UHD. Rumor has it that a new Roku is in the works, Roku 4 is rumored to bring 4K support along with upgraded internal tech that’s required for support.

NASA To Launch Ultra HD TV Channel
If you ever needed a valid excuse to pick up one of those new snazzy Ultra HD TVs (4K resolution, of course), but never really came across one that actually made sense to your other half who has a say in the purse strings of the household, perhaps now is the time to take that step. NASA has revealed on today that it intends to introduce an Ultra HD TV […]

21.5 Inch 4K iMac Reportedly Coming Next Month
It has long been rumored that Apple is going to release a 21.5 inch 4K iMac, many have expected that this is going to happen particularly after the company launched its 27 inch 5K iMac in October last year. If this turns out to be true then Apple is certainly going to have a very busy fall because in just a few days time the company is going to show off […]

DirecTV Set Top Box Arrives On AT&T
It looks like the AT&T family has just expanded to include a brand new set top box from DirecTV, and what makes this particular model special is the fact that additional customers can now watch 4K Ultra HD (UHD) programming on just about any 4K TV model out there. Known as the 4K Genie Mini, this set top box is so small, it measures roughly the size of a paperback […]

Samsung Launches New 4K SUHD TV
Following the launch of its flagship SUHD TV line in the United States, Samsung today announced the launch of a new SUHD TV in the country. The JS7000 SUHD TV features high quality picture enhancements with brighter and more “true-to-life” picture at a much more competitive price, so says Samsung. The company says that it’s bringing 4K SUHD TV to the masses with this particular model.