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Adidas Snapshot Uses Your Phone’s Camera To Improve Your Soccer Game
Want to improve your soccer skills with technology? Now thanks to Adidas, you can. The company has recently released an app called the Adidas Snapshot which basically tells you how hard and how fast you are kicking the ball. Based on the screenshots we’ve seen, it can also tell if you what angle you are kicking the ball.Sounds pretty cool, right? If you’re looking to improve your accuracy and speed […]

Adidas Acquires Fitness App Developer Runtastic
When it comes to fitness apps, it’s actually a bit odd that makers of fitness clothing and shoes aren’t the companies behind such apps since you would think it’s their forte. However slowly we’ve started to see these companies start to make their presence felt in the mobile fitness community, like with Nike launching their Nike+ running app and Under Armour acquiring the likes of MyFitnessPal and Endomondo.Now it looks […]

Adidas Uses Recycled Ocean Trash To Churn Out Sneakers
Sportswear giant Adidas is back, and this time around they have come up with the idea of recycling ocean trash to turn it into something useful. Just how useful, you wonder? Well, apparently they are looking at this recycled material to be transformed into a pair of sneakers, now how about that for creativity? This is a brand new concept that has borne fruit after being part of a partnership […]

Adidas Brings Shoe Printing Services Stateside
Do you fancy yourself as being a good photographer? Would you like to wear your photos? Well if you think you take great photos, or if you know where to get your hands on great photos, you might be interested to learn that Adidas has brought their miZX Flux service over to the US. For those who are unfamiliar, this was a service announced earlier this year.It basically allows Adidas’ […]


Adidas Unveils The miCoach Fit Smart
Adidas’ new wearable device first made an appearance online late last month. Even though all of the details weren’t available we knew back then that it was an activity tracker. The design wasn’t a mystery since a handful of images of the device had been leaked. Today though Adidas has formally announced the miCoach Fit Smart. It aims to do what almost every other activity tracker does, measure health data such […]

Adidas miCoach Fit Smart Band Leaked
It looks like Adidas is gearing up to launch a new fitness tracker. Over the past week countless little tidbits about its new tracker have appeared online. We’ve seen the device pop up for certification at the FCC and have even spotted it at retailer Keller Sports. This is pretty much proof enough that Adidas is about to launch this device soon. It is called the Adidas miCoach Fit Smart. Even though […]

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball Goes On Sale For $299
As the rest of our daily lives start to become more high-tech, why not sports as well, right? We’ve seen companies like Nike and Adidas introduce sensors into their clothing line, and we’ve also seen how sensors are being incorporated into basketballs, so we guess it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Adidas has recently announced the miCoach Smart Ball.The miCoach Smart Ball is a soccer ball […]

Adidas App Will Let You Customize Sneakers With Your Pictures
Modern technology has enabled us to customize things that we couldn’t before. A couple of decades back no one would have thought that it was possible to customize your shoes in a way that they show off your favorite picture. But now it certainly is. Adidas today announced that it will release a new application for iOS and Android this August which will let you print your photos straight on to its […]

Adidas MiCoach Smart Run Might Be Spotify Compatible
It does seem as though offline support for Spotify playback is set to arrive on the Adidas MiCoach Smart Run, an Android-powered fitness tracker that helps keep tabs on your daily workouts in order to help you achieve your fitness goals. After all, anything that can be measured is able to be improved, so it makes perfect sense to measure your workout program in order to maximize the amount of […]

Adidas Brazucam Soccer Ball Sports Half Dozen Integrated Cameras
It does seem to be pretty common to see cameras make an appearance in various aspects of our lives, and when it comes to the world of sports, new technologies and better lenses have resulted in ever more intimate angles of our heroes decked out in their jerseys and sports get-up as they attempt to create history or pull off what seems to be an impossible move. Sports equipment giant […]

Adidas Joins The Smartwatch Fray With The miCoach Smart Run
It does seem as though everyone is about to make the jump to the smartwatch bandwagon, and even earlier this morning, we sniffed out word that Nokia could very well roll out a smartwatch of their own. Adidas too, has jumped aboard the smartwatch bandwagon with the miCoach Smart Run, a timepiece that comes with a color touchscreen display as well as an integrated heart rate monitor.Just what is the […]

Leo Messi Dons An Adidas LED Suit
We have seen the world of fashion and technology cross paths a fair number of times in the past, such as Rihanna’s LED dress that lit up her “Last Girl on Earth” tour, or how about LED kinetic hats that are definitely something worth checking out if you like to be in the center of attention all the time? Well, Lionel Messi of Argentina (and of course, FC Barcelona), whom […]

Adidas miCoach X_Cell Arrives At The FCC
Folks over at the FCC must have had a field day with smartphones going through their work list, but this does not mean they do not have other kinds of upcoming consumer electronics devices to handle – case in point, the Adidas miCoach X_Cell. We have heard about previous Adidas miCoach devices in the past, where one of them even showed up in a tennis performance bra. Well, the latest […]

Adidas Springblade Running Shoes Offer Cutting Edge Technology
The Adidas Springblade running shoes intend to help increase your performance through gear.

Adidas unveils the Social Media Shoe for tweeps
German sports clothing manufacturer Adidas is infusing technology into its 60-year old sagacity by introducing a shoe that can receive tweets. Just in time for the London Olympics, Adidas decided to revamp the adiPower Barricade shoe by turning it into a Social Media Shoe. Adidas has outfitted the 2012 Adidas Barricade tennis sneaker with an Arduino unit, an external LCD to display information to user, and a customized software that polls the […]

Adidas Tennis Performance Bra comes with miCoach heart sensor
Adidas, a sports brand that has long been in the market (and a worthy rival of Nike, of course, vying for the attention of athletes worldwide in terms of sponsorships), has just released a new Tennis Performance Bra in conjunction with the Stella McCartney sports collection. Just what makes this Adidas Tennis Performance Bra special? For starters, it not only comes in a fitted design as well as CLIMALITE fabric, […]

adidas miCoach Speed_Cell announced
Do you love living out the active lifestyle, sweating your socks out as you have just a couple more months to go before the deadline for your New Year’s resolution is up? If the answer is yes, then you are far better off than your ancestors who do not have the benefit of technology to help them in their battle of the bulge. One of the latest gizmos to aid […]

Adidas Adizero f50 revamp gets a whole lot smarter
Adidas’ Adizero f50 has undergone a revamp – where it also picked up another gram in weight, but the amount of features that comes with that extra gram is well worth its weight, can I say, even in gold. Director of miCoach at Adidas, Simon Drabble, described the new f50 boots as “the next generation of football innovation”. What went into the boot is a micro-chip known as the miCoach […]

Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet made from sneakers up for auction
Shoes seem to be the hot commodity floating around auction houses these days – especially for fanboys (and girls). After the announcement of the Back To The Future 2 Nike MAG shoes last week, it looks like there’s a new shoe auction up that’s drawing in big bucks as well. While wearable, these shoes don’t exactly fit on your feet. A blogger named Freehand Profit recently created a Star Wars […]

In China, Adidas inspires phones
As if imitation shoes or phones weren’t enough – the latest Chinese Shanzai creation shows that even imitators have creativity too. Some manufactures have come up with a cellphone that looks inspired by an Adidas sneaker. They’ve even included the Adidas logo to make the phone look authentic. Sadly it’s no Android smartphone, but rather a feature phone with a 2.4″ (240 x 320) display, an MTK chipset with MP4, […]