iWatch Leak Could Signal Desperation On Apple’s Side

What do you think of news, or rather, rumors, of Apple’s supposed iWatch? I suppose if there is a company that could reinvent the wheel, most folks would place their bets on Apple, but with their recent stock price going south while rival’s Google breaks the $800 mark quietly without any fanfare, perhaps it is time to explore the possibility that Apple planted leak of the iWatch on purpose. Consider […]

iPhone 5 Is Best Selling Smartphone In The world

Pop quiz time – which is the best selling smartphone in the world? If you have a fruity company in mind, you’re correct, as Apple’s iPhone 5 has picked up the gong for being the “world’s best selling smartphone”, at least according to Strategy Analytics. Strategy Analytics also claimed that second place is occupied by the iPhone 4S, while an Android-powered device, none other than the Samsung Galaxy S3, comes […]

Apple A7 CPU Spotted?

The iPhone 5 sure as heck is due for an update, and so far initial rumors have pointed to a handset that is aptly known as the iPhone 5S. Of course, we are not ruling out the possibility that we could be looking at an iPhone 6, but history has dictated so far that the iPhone 5S would be a far better bet. Well, the closer to the new generation […]

Burglar Breaks $100k Glass Door To Steal $64k Of Goods At Apple Store

Hmmm, Apple Stores do seem to be a rather decent robbery target as of late, considering how highly sought after Apple products are. Not only that, as Apple continues to churn out incredibly thin and light MacBooks (regardless of whether they are the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro), in addition to the highly desirable Apple iPhone, you can be sure that getting rid of stolen stock on the black […]


Android And iOS Capture 91.1% Global Market Share

IDC has released its the latest numbers that it has gathered about the smartphone industry, and they show that Android and iOS have captured a combined 91.1% mobile operating system market share. While we all knew that they both accounted for the large majority of the market, the number remind us how much of an uphill battle it is for competitors like Windows Phone, Blackberry, Ubuntu mobile, Firefox OS and […]

Brazilian iPhone Goes Ahead With Release

We reported earlier this month that Apple has lost its iPhone trademark in Brazil to a company known as Gradiente (aka IGB Eletrônica), as the latter had held the iPhone trademark in that part of the world all the way back in the year 2000, which is a good seven years before Apple first released their revolutionary iPhone. It does seem as though Apple executives are going to be hopping […]

Apple Television SDK in May 2013? [Analyst]

Analyst Peter Misek is making the news today as he has published a round of predictions (speculations) concerning Apple. This one concerns Apple’s HDTV (let’s call it iTV), and according to Mr. Mysek, Apple is going to introduce a software development kit (SDK) that would support a 42″ to 55″ iTV product. We take it that Peter Mysek means that Apple will *secretly* introduce the SDK to a very small […]

Xbox Early Engineer: Apple Could “Easily Kill” Wii-U, Xbox, PlayStation

Nat Brown, a former Microsoft Engineer and a member of the early Xbox team, has published a personal blog post about how the past five years of Xbox were “painful” to watch, especially when it comes to the failure of turning Kinect into something bigger than what it is today. His article has a particularly harsh title: ” Stupid, Stupid xBox!!” — I recommend reading it in full, but here […]

MacBook Pro With Retina Display Prices Updated

Apple products are generally known to cost more than their Windows-powered counterparts, but over the years, you can say that the gap has been reduced significantly. Well, even better news for folks who are operating on a tight budget and yet want to pick up a new MacBook Pro with Retina display – Apple has decided to update its pricing by throwing in better processors at a more pocket-friendly sticker […]

Apple iWatch Team Stands At 100-Strong

So, a smartwatch that is being developed by Apple is no longer a secret, and some have even gone ahead by coining it to be the iWatch. Well, Bloomberg reports that Apple has actually assigned a team of approximately 100 product designers to work on a wristwatch-like device which could possibly perform its fair share of tasks which are currently handled by the iPhone and iPad. The team is said […]

iPhone Tops Japan Market Share

We do know that BlackBerry has ceased operations in Japan and will no longer support it in that part of the world, but there is another device in the ascendant – the Apple iPhone, of course. In fact, Apple is now the leader in the Japanese smartphone market for the first time ever, as in the fourth quarter of 2012, the Apple iPhone managed to hold 16% of the Japanese […]

Apple Mysteriously Hires AMOLED Expert From LG

Apple’s Retina Display offers some amazing visuals, but it could be receiving a boost now that Apple has hired a former senior researcher for LG. According to a report from OLED Association, Dr. Lee Jeung-jil has been recruited by Apple for his previous experience researching OLED printing technology at LG as well as heading the research and development for LCD technology development at Samsung. Jeung-jil is said to be “more knowledgeable […]

Apple Requires Engineers To Fix iOS Maps

It is rather comforting to hear that the kind of engineers that Apple is looking for would not release a biological weapon on the rest of humanity for no apparent reason as seen in Prometheus, but rather, it will be for a far more humane and holistic purpose – to fix all that is wrong on the iOS Maps service. In fact, Apple has placed up new job postings on […]

Apple Informs French Reseller Of New Mac Pro

At the end of last month, we did bring you word that Apple was informed to stop selling their current generation Mac Pro in Europe from the beginning of March, but that was not going to be an issue for the fruity company in the first place. After all, French site MacGeneration has reported that Apple did inform a French Apple reseller that it has plans for Europe – not […]