Fire Emblem Heroes Has Reportedly Made Nintendo $400 Million

When it comes to mobile games, Nintendo has had mixed success on that front. While many heralded the company finally giving in and releasing games on mobile, the releases so far have been a mixed bag of success where some, such as Miitomo have since shut down, while others such as Super Mario Run haven’t done as well as Nintendo would have liked.

‘Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn’ Now Available On Mobile

Back in 1995, a video game dubbed Shaq Fu was released where as the name implies, it is a game featuring the likeness of basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal where he goes on a quest to save a young boy from an even mummy while beating up the bad guys. It was not particularly well-received, but yet was notorious enough to spawn a modern remake back in 2014.

Microsoft Reveals Changes Coming To Office On Android & iOS

If you’re someone who uses Microsoft Office on your mobile device a lot, such your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has recently announced some of the changes and new features that will headed to the iOS and Android version of the app some time later this month. Is Officially Done

For a moment in time, you might have seen a slew of videos of people dancing and lip syncing to songs via, a short-form video app that allowed users to be creative when it came to lip syncing their favorite songs. However it seems that is no more as the app is no longer available.


Instapaper For The Apple Watch Is No More

The Apple Watch seems to be selling pretty well because last we heard (from unofficial sources), Apple managed to ship 3.5 million units in the last quarter. However it seems that despite its popularity, the Apple Watch seems to be quickly losing the support of quite a few big apps, with Instapaper being the latest one.

Facebook And Instagram Get New Dashboards For Usage Time Management

Many online services are jumping on the time well-spent bandwagon. They’re building tools that give their users more insight about the time that they spend on their services. Facebook was working on a similar feature for its social network and Instagram as well. The company today announced that these new tools are now live.

Facebook’s Mobile App Will Now Feature Personalized Navigation

Everyone uses Facebook differently. Some use it primarily for social purposes, such as keeping up with friends and family, while others use it for business, or some might even use it for shopping. Facebook understands this and in an announcement, the company revealed their plans to redesign their mobile app’s navigation bar.

Google Clock App Now Does Spotify Alarms

Don’t like boring old alarm sounds? Google’s Clock app now offers the ability to wake up to your favorite music on Spotify. The app lets users swap the conventional alarm sounds with their favorite tracks. They will require the latest versions of both the Spotify and Clock apps to take advantage of this feature. Once you have the latest versions of the Spotify and Clock apps on your device, you […]

Facebook ‘Talent Show’ Feature Might Be Its Rival is a popular social media app that lets users create short videos while they lip sync to songs and dialogues. It appears that Facebook wants to take on with a similar feature called “Talent Show.” The new feature has been discovered in the code of Facebook’s Android app by researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who has dug into the app’s code on many occasions in the past to uncover […]

WhatsApp Rolling Out ‘Mark As Read’ Button On Notifications

Notifications are a great way to let us know we have messages, emails, and so on that we need to deal with. However we can’t always attend to them all the time, and for WhatsApp users on Android it looks like as handy new feature has started to roll out for some users in the form of a “Mark as read” button.

Latest Google App Beta Pulled For Repeated Crashes

While getting into a beta always seems exciting because it means that you get to use apps and features that others can’t, there is a downside which is that betas aren’t meant to be used as daily drivers. This means that you should approach betas with the understanding that the app might not work the way you hope it would.

Gmail For Android Hints At Email Scheduling Feature

Google’s Gmail service does a lot for users in terms of features, such as automated replies, forwarding, and more. However if there is one feature that we’re sure some users will be able to appreciate but yet Gmail doesn’t offer would come in the form of email scheduling. This is where you can set an email to be sent at a specific date and time.

Fortnite On iOS Has Been Downloaded More Than 100 Million Times

We know that Fortnite has been enjoying a lot of success since its release on iOS. Last we heard, the game managed to make $100 million to date and is reported to be earning as much as $2 million a day. It also seems that the game is in no danger of slowing down, according to the latest figures by Apptopia (via VentureBeat).

Apple Could Be Considering Giving In To Indian Government’s Demands

Multinational corporations such as Apple are required to comply with the various laws of the countries that they operate in. This can get tricky as it means that sometimes the laws of a country can go against the company’s own policies and values, a sticky situation that Apple has found themselves in over in India.