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iOptik From Innovega Is An Augmented Reality Contact Lens
[CES 2014] Augmented Reality, or AR for short, is a new kind of technology that does seem as though it is starting to gain traction among the masses right now as well as in the immediate future. This is for sure, and we have also seen gains and advancements made in this sector of technology. Innovega intends to impress (and I am quite sure that they will) with the introduction […]

Pioneer ND-HUD10 Augmented Reality Heads Up Display
[CEATEC 2013] More and more companies are about to dive into the world of heads up displays, and for good reason, too. The basic and underlying idea of such heads up displays (HUDs for short) would be the make driving safer as it offers you additional information in front of your eyes without requiring you to shift your gaze away from the road that is right ahead. Needless to say, […]

Interactive Augmented Reality Manual By Metaio And Audi
Both Metaio and Audi have worked together to deliver something which will definitely appeal to modern day drivers who want nothing but the most up to date technology around them – an interactive augmented reality manual, now how about that? Metaio happens to be a world leader in augmented reality (AR) software and solutions, while Audi – ‘nuff said. Both of them has just announced the release of the Audi […]

Apple Awarded New Augmented Reality Patent
Apple has been awarded a new augmented reality patent. The technology is for mobile and other devices which can overly information about objects to which the device is pointed towards. The patent is called Synchronized, interactive augmented reality displays for multifunction devices, it is basically about a technology that captures live video feed, displays it on a device and then overlays information about objects in that feed. The technology can […]


Golden-i Brings Infrared Vision to Police
Police officers and other emergency services personnel may soon possess Robocop-like abilities, thanks to the Golden-i headset. This device is similar in appearance to the Glass project by Google. However, it has the ability to see through walls using infrared technology.Golden-i was first shown in CES 2013 in Las Vegas a couple of months ago. The hardware is developed by U.S. company Kopin Corporation while the software is created by […]

teamLabHanger Makes Shopping More Interactive
Shopping gets even more interactive these days as retailers compete for every single lurking dollar out there, and here we are with teamLab and their teamLabHanger product which is on display at the VQNQUISH Ikebukuro PARCO store. How does the teamLabHanger work? Basically, whenever a hanger is removed from a rack, the teamLabHanger system will detect this and use a nearby monitor to show off some photos or a video […]

Pong Augmented Reality Version Celebrates 40th Anniversary In Style
Who would have thought that a game which came out 40 plus years ago would still inspire folks four decades down the road later? Well, Pong proved to be quite a hit with its simple premise all those years back, and here we are with an augmented reality version to celebrate Pong’s 40th anniversary in style. Sander Veerhof from the Netherlands managed to churn out an augmented reality version that […]

Pioneer Augmented Reality Heads Up Display
[CEATEC 2012] So here we are roaming the CEATEC 2012 showfloor, and definitely when you have a potent mix of testosterone with vehicles and technology, the man in us has rolled back the years, where we end up as starry eyed kids. What you see in the video after the jump would be a fake dashboard of an Audi R8 (would we love to have this in our garage!), sporting […]

Ikea 2013 catalog gets companion AR app
I am quite sure that any area with an Ikea in the vicinity will also see majority of the households there have at least something from the furniture giant in their respective homes, not to mention an Ikea catalog (or more) lying around somewhere. There is just something about the Ikea catalog that makes it look so interesting, and you have the urge of making your way there to buy […]

Lumus OE-31 See-through Wearable AR Display
We have covered Lumus See-through Wearable AR Display at CES, and the company showed a new optical engine at MWC, a super-sleek version that enables discreet see-through wearable display. The OE-31 can be now integrated in regular glasses, such as the sunglasses with embedded MP3 player in the picture below (the Lumus OE-31 display is mounted on the left side).

Moosejaw X-RAY app lets you see through clothing
Augmented Reality has led to quite a number of interesting apps, and online clothes retailer Moosejaw has got one more to add to the table. Called the Moosejaw X-RAY app, it lets users see through the clothing that is featured in its winter catalog. While their outer layer of clothing is removed in the AR app, they’re still left with their underwear on – so no, your Moosejaw catalog didn’t […]

Metaio includes gravity in augmented reality platform
Have you seen just how augmented reality (AR) apps have changed the way we see things around us? Someone should make a vampire AR app, where you see the pulsating veins and arteries that make the stuff of life flow through each and every person – I thought about that after watching “Interview with a Vampire” again recently. But I digress, surely AR could be better implemented?

Cybertecture Mirror brings Augmented Reality to your living room
Now here is something that I believe most folks would want to have in their living rooms or at least bedrooms – the Cybertecture Mirror that would certainly seem far more capable than any fairy tale magic mirror. It has been described as a “reflective window into a digital life”, where this mirror will be connected to the Internet (surprise, surprise), augmenting your reflected image with meta data such as […]

Augmented Reality Formula 1 car in your home
The Formula 1 season might have just gotten a whole lot more boring with the crowning of the youngest dobule champion ever, but that doesn’t mean interest in the top class motorsport is waning. No sir, you can even bring home some Formula 1 goodness into the living room thanks to ARworks and their Augmented Reality content that was developed for the Junaio AR browser for conVisual, a German mobile […]