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This Device Can Identify Fonts And Colors In Real Life
Have you ever read a brochure or a signboard and wondered what font it used? Or have you ever looked at nature and wonder how you could achieve similar colors when drawing digitally? We suppose there are some of us who have a knack for these kinds of things, but for those who don’t, you’re in luck (sort of).

Tattoo Artist Has A Tattoo Machine For A Prosthetic Arm
As we have seen in the past, it doesn’t matter if you’re blind, deaf, or missing certain limbs. If you truly desire to create art, you will find a way to do so. Such is the case with JC Sheitan Tenet who is a tattoo artist who unfortunately lost his lower right arm 22 years ago. Fortunately for Tenet, he recently acquired a prosthetic arm that also doubles as a […]

Google Has A Hi-Res ‘Art Camera’ That Helps Preserve Artwork
Thanks to technology, cataloguing great works of art can now be done digitally, meaning that information can be scanned and kept in digital format where it is easier to maintain and to share. Google wants to help do their part as well which is why the company has created a hi-res Art Camera that helps scan artwork for safekeeping.

Pinpic Is The Uber For Photographers
Have you ever gone on holiday and brought a professional camera in hopes of landing some stunning travel photos, only to come back and realize that you would have been just as well off using your smartphone’s camera? If you have, you’re not alone, but in the future a service by the name of Pinpic could be the answer to that problem.


Cruelty-Free Trophy Animal Is A Novelty
Back in the less enlightened days of mankind, trophy hunting and poaching were not condemned, but rather, admired and is more often than not a sign of the upper “class”, so to speak. Thankfully, the threat of extinction as well as realization that trophy hunting does nothing other than to inflate one’s ego has brought about a temperance of one’s greed, as opposed to flimsy excuses of survival or having […]

Blasting Music Creates Unique Patterns On These 3D Printed Ceramics
Have you ever seen pottery in action? It might look simple, but it is deceptively tricky, and trying to get all the weird and unique shapes and grooves is actually a lot of work and has a ton of skill involved. However it seems that one potter by the name of Olivier Van Herpt has come up with an interesting way of creating the patterns on his creations.

Photo Of A Potato Apparently Sold For Over $1,000,000
As art is so subjective, what some might consider to be silly might be considered by others to be deep or meaningful. Whether or not some people are just being pretentious is an entirely different story, but safe to say that sometimes it is amazing how much certain pieces of art can fetch when sold to art lovers.

3D Printed Haikus Only Show Up When Placed In Water
3D printing is an amazing concept as we have seen it used in all sorts of things, like printing your own gadgets, printing prosthetic limbs, and once we’ve even seen 3D printing used to print an entire motorcycle! However 3D printing can be more than just a practical tool as demonstrated by Swiss design studio Drzach & Suchy.It seems that they were inspired by water striders which are hard to […]

Twitch Creative Targets The Non-Gaming Crowd
When it comes to video game streaming, Twitch is name that comes to mind. However it seems that perhaps in the face of YouTube Gaming, it looks like the company has decided to expand its horizons by launching a new community called Twitch Creative. This section of Twitch will be aimed at those in the creative field.So for example if you’d rather watch a live review of a musical instrument, […]

This Website Lets You Order Temporary Tattoos To Test Drive Them
Tattoos are forever. You could laser them off but the process is more painful and more expensive than getting the actual tattoo, which is why it is highly recommended that you know what you want before you get it. Now if you’ve settled on a design but you’re not sure if it might be good fit for that area of your body, you’re in luck.Thanks to a website called Momentary […]

This Camera Can Tell When Your Photos Are Cliche
How many photos have you come across of popular landmarks like the Eiffel Tower which have been shot from the bottom panning upwards? Five? Ten? A hundred, perhaps? Chances are the answer is plenty. However designer Phillipp Schmitt has decided that maybe cliched photos are getting old, and has created a smart camera called the Camera Restricta.Basically this is a camera that can track its own location, and is also […]

Walkbump Is A Cooler & Friendlier Way Of Crossing The Street
If you’re walking about the city and you want to cross the street, just press the button and wait for the greenlight. It’s pretty standard and for the most part we don’t think too much about it. However recently there have been some who are interested in jazzing things up, like over in Germany where you can play a game of Pong while waiting for the lights to turn green.Now […]

Artist Grows Ear On His Arm, Wants To Connect It To The Internet
In case you were thinking that we were drunk when we wrote that title, we weren’t. According to a report from ABC News in Australia, this is the real deal. A professor at the Curtin University in Perth, Australia has literally grown an ear on his arm, and the ultimate plan of his is to connect it to the internet.Wait, why? The idea is so that the internet can connect […]

Art Student Designs A Personal Tattoo Machine For Home Use
Ever wanted to get a tattoo but can’t find an artist that you like? Or maybe it’s too expensive? As it turns out art graduate student Jakub Pollág has the answer for you in the form of the Personal Tattoo Machine. As the name implies, this is a tattoo machine designed for home use and it is also meant to be affordable and more accessible.According to its description, “Personal Tattoo […]