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BlackBerry Priv Marshmallow Beta Program Is Live
BlackBerry had confirmed back when it launched the Priv that it would upgrade its first Android handset to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The company has been very quick in getting the latest security patches out for its first Android device and it acknowledges that many of its users have been asking for the Marshmallow update. Today, the BlackBerry Priv Marshmallow beta program has gone live, the company is inviting Priv owners […]

Marshmallow For BlackBerry Priv To Arrive Early Next Month
BlackBerry Priv is the first Android smartphone from this Canadian company, it came running Android 5.0 Lollipop straight out of the box and is going to receive updates to latest iterations of the OS. It was only a few days ago that a Priv handset running Marshmallow was spotted and now the company itself has confirmed that the Marshmallow update for Priv is going to be released in the very […]

BlackBerry Priv Sales Miss Expectations
BlackBerry had a lot riding on the Priv, the first Android-powered handset that it ever came out with, and while many expected that the smartphone will be able to improve the company’s fortunes it didn’t perform quite as well as the Canadian company would have hoped. BlackBerry Priv sales have missed expectations, once again leading to speculation about the future of the company’s hardware business.

BlackBerry PRIV With Android 6.0 Marshmallow Caught On Video
The BlackBerry PRIV is certainly one beautiful handset when it was first introduced last year, and to make it all the more memorable, it proved to be the first mainstream device from BlackBerry that did not run on the company’s very own BlackBerry OS, but rather, relied on the Android mobile operating system from Google. It was somewhat akin to a Mac that ran Microsoft’s Office suite all those years […]


BlackBerry Pats Itself On The Back For Timely Android Security Updates
It was only after the Stagefright vulnerability was discovered last year that Google and many of its partner OEMs committed to monthly security updates for Android devices. Malware and vulnerabilities have long been an issue on Android so there’s definitely a need for timely security updates. It has been four months since Google started releasing these updates and there’s just one OEM that’s actually releasing said updates on time.

BlackBerry Priv Now Available From Verizon
A couple of days ago it was hinted that the BlackBerry Priv could soon be made available on Verizon. It was never explicitly mentioned, but for those who are hoping that it will be true, you will be pleased to learn that it is because you will now be able to pick up the BlackBerry Priv for yourself via the carrier’s online store.

BlackBerry Priv Pre-Orders For Verizon Could Begin March 3
The BlackBerry Priv has been out for a while now, and it was last year that we heard that the handset could be arriving on Verizon. Earlier this year, it was confirmed again that the handset was slated for the major carriers, but now that it is already March, we have to wonder what’s taking so long?

BlackBerry Celebrates Valentines Day With Discount On The Priv
BlackBerry certainly needs to sell all the units that it possibly can to exist in the global smartphone market so it’s not surprising to see the company come out with a new offer to try and get more people to purchase its flagship smartphone. The company is celebrating Valentine’s Day by offering discounts on the BlackBerry Priv which happens to be the first Android smartphone this company has ever created.

BlackBerry Has No Plans To Allow Rooting On The PRIV
Rooting and Android handsets almost seemingly go hand-in-hand. This is usually because there are quite a few number of Android users out there who simply want to be able to have more control over their device and the things they do with it. Unfortunately for BlackBerry PRIV owners, rooting will be a huge no-no for you guys.

'The Future Is Really Android' Says BlackBerry Senior Director
BlackBerry is still trying to compete in the global smartphone market even though its products don’t do as well as the company wants them to do. There’s really no evidence to show that the Android-powered BlackBerry Priv has done wonders for BlackBerry’s market share. However the company now wants to continue down this road, so much so that hardcore fans believe it’s eventually going to bury its own OS. Recent […]

BlackBerry PRIV Now Available From T-Mobile
If you’re looking to get your hands on the BlackBerry PRIV directly from a carrier, you will be pleased to learn that T-Mobile is now offering the device. Just pop on over to T-Mobile’s website and you will be able to place an order for the handset in which you can choose to pay the full retail price of $719.99, or opt to pay it via a 24 month installment […]

BlackBerry Priv Price On T-Mobile Confirmed
BlackBerry’s first and only Android handset will soon be making its way to other carriers in the country because the exclusivity that AT&T had over this device has ended. Verizon and T-Mobile are two carriers that have already confirmed that they will offer the handset, the latter has also confirmed when it’s going to release the Priv, and today it has even revealed how much the BlackBerry Priv is going […]

BlackBerry PRIV Marshmallow Date To Be Announced In Q1 2016
The BlackBerry PRIV was launched with Android 5.1 Lollipop preinstalled, which we suppose is fair since chances are the software was in development way before Android 6.0 Marshmallow was released. However we expect that BlackBerry will eventually update the phone to the latest build of Android, but when?Last we heard it will be in 2016, and now it looks like we can expect an announcement to be made soon. According […]

BlackBerry Priv Confirmed For Verizon, T-Mobile And Sprint
BlackBerry’s first Android-powered smartphone was launched late last year, it was exclusive to AT&T for 60 days, and now with the carrier’s  exclusivity coming to an end it’s time for the company to bring this handset to the country’s other carriers. BlackBerry CEO John Chen confirmed during the company’s CES 2016 press conference that the BlackBerry Priv is coming soon to Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.

BlackBerry Priv Could Be Coming To T-Mobile January 26
After parting ways in their licensing agreement back in 2014, it looks like T-Mobile and BlackBerry could be getting back together to launch the BlackBerry Priv. It has been rumored that T-Mobile could be in talks to launch the device and now thanks to a photo obtained by PhoneArena, it looks we won’t have to wait much longer.T-Mobile had previously confirmed that they were in talks with BlackBerry but nothing […]

DxOMark Finds BlackBerry Priv's Camera To Be Among The Best
BlackBerry smartphones have never been known for their exceptional cameras, over the years the company has found it hard to keep up with the likes of Apple and Samsung who have made significant advancements in camera technology. It has bounced back with the BlackBerry Priv though because with a DxOMark Mobile score of 82 points it has been found to achieve excellent results for photography performance and now sits among […]

BlackBerry Releases Video To Show How The Priv Is Built
It took BlackBerry a lot of time to see the writing on the wall: that it needed to start making Android-powered smartphones if it wanted to stay alive in the very tough global smartphone market. It launched its first Android smartphone earlier this year and many believe that it’s too little and too late. Nevertheless the company continues to focus on everything that’s good about the Priv and has even released […]

Verizon BlackBerry Priv Stopped By The FCC
A couple of months back BlackBerry released its first Android handset, customers in the United States can either purchase the handset unlocked and off contract straight from the company, or from AT&T which has exclusivity over this handset until January 20th. Other carriers will be able to offer this smartphone to their customers after the aforementioned date, and Verizon is going to be one of them, as its version of the […]

Next BlackBerry Android Smartphone Will Be Cheaper
Earlier this year BlackBerry released its first ever Android-powered smartphone, making the inevitable shift over to Google’s mobile platform in a last ditch effort to plug the losses of its hardware business. The BlackBerry Priv appears to be performing better than its BlackBerry 10 OS powered counterparts did last year and the company makes it clear that it’s not done yet. Not only will it release another Android-powered handset, but the upcoming […]

AT&T Pushing Out Updates To The BlackBerry PRIV
Earlier this month BlackBerry pushed out an update to its PRIV handset. However if you had bought the phone from AT&T, your update would be delayed as it would be subject to carrier approval. The good news is that it looks like AT&T did not take too long to approve it because the update is said to be rolling out to users right now.The update will be pretty much the […]