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Bose Unveils New SoundLink Bluetooth Speakers And Headphones
If you’re in the market for new Bluetooth audio products, you might be interested to learn that Bose has recently unveiled the SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker and the SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth headphones. As their name implies, both products will be part of Bose’s SoundLink range and will sport Bluetooth connectivity, so if you’re all about wireless, perhaps these are some products worth checking out.Starting with the SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker. […]

Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker And SBH60 Bluetooth Headphones Unveiled
While audiophiles might prefer speakers and headphones that are wired as they believe this results in better quality audio over wireless streaming, there are some users out there who prefers Bluetooth audio products as it eliminates the need for wires. That being said if you’re looking for a set of Bluetooth speakers or headphones, Sony has recently announced the BSP10 Bluetooth speaker and the SBH60 Bluetooth headset.Starting with the BSP10, […]

Floating Bluetooth Speakers Spotted At IFA 2014
Speakers are something that is meant to be heard rather than be looked at, although there are some out there who want their speakers to not only sound good, but look good as well, which might explain why companies such as Bose and Bang & Olufsen pride themselves in their technology as well as their design.However if you really wanted something different, then perhaps a company called ASWY which is […]

Logitech K480 Multi-Devices Bluetooth Keyboard
Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a keyboard that you could use for multiple devices at once? We know it can be a bit frustrating that you’re typing away at your computer, then you have to rely on your smartphone or tablet’s virtual keyboard if you wished to reply to messages or emails from there.


QDOS' Q-Pic Is A Tiny Bluetooth Remote Shutter For Your Phone
Using your phone’s front facing camera to grab a group shot can be handy, although sometimes it really does limit the kind of poses you can do, not to mention if you were hoping to fit more people into the frame or perhaps more of the background, it could be quite tricky. While there are self-timer options that can be enabled via apps, perhaps the QDOS Q-Pic could be a […]

Cambridge Audio Unveils Trio Of Wireless Speakers
When it comes to audio products, Cambridge Audio is a name that is familiar amongst the audiophile circles. Granted it might not be as popular compared to more mainstream brands like Bose or Logitech, but it does have a pretty good reputation. That being said, if you’re looking for new wireless speakers, Cambridge Audio has recently unveiled a trio of new speakers for you to choose from.These speakers come in […]

Beacon LED Yoga Mat Helps You Get All The Right Moves In
Yoga is one particular form of exercise that one will be able to indulge in, all the while gaining a peace of mind, as well as getting fit along the way. This is a new concept known as the Beacon LED Yoga Mat which will teach you yoga – which does away with any potential meet ups with a particularly gorgeous instructor, so do take into consideration the real reason […]

Adobe Ink and Adobe Slide Connected Stylus and Ruler for iPad
Today, Adobe introduced two new pieces of hardware to enhance the drawing experience on tablets, namely the stylus Adobe Ink and the connected ruler Adobe Slide.Adobe Ink is a three-sided stylus for iPad running iOS7 that features 2048 pressure levels, the current highest standard for digital pens.  Ink allows user to draw on the iPad and connects to Creative Cloud, where users can access their creative assets and their apps.Adobe […]

Samsung Delivers First Bluetooth Mesh Network Enabled Smart LED Light Bulb
Samsung looks at the future by introducing what they deem to be the first Bluetooth mesh network enabled smart LED light bulb as part of expanding their portfolio of LED lighting solutions. This particular addition will take advantage of being an industry-first mesh Bluetooth network, as the bulb paves the way for users to be able to control their lighting directly seamlessly from any smart device that is in use. […]

The Glowdeck Bluetooth Speakers Can Charge Your Phone Wirelessly
Speakers come in all shapes and sizes, and as we’ve seen in older iPhone compatible speakers is that they can double as a charger as well, allowing the user to charge their phone while enjoying some cranked out tunes. That being said, if you enjoy the idea of charging your phone while listening to some music but don’t want to be tethered physically, then the Glowdeck might be a set […]

Kwikset's Kevo Unlocks Doors Via Bluetooth
Coming home and unlocking your door to let yourself in is something we’re all familiar with. However there are times when your hands might be full, whether it be with bags of groceries, books, or carrying a child, and trying to reach into your pockets to grab your keys and fumble with the lock can be a bit tricky. This is where Kwikset’s Kevo comes in.Kevo, on the surface, looks […]

Future Sonos Software Update Could See Full Wireless Speaker System Capability
Sonos is currently working on a software update that will let its wireless speaker system do away with the need for a physical connection to the actual home network itself. If successful, this particular software would then enable the system’s SonosNet network to play nice with one of the speakers by accessing the local Wi-Fi network, all the while avoiding wiring either a speaker or the Sonos Bridge wireless networking […]

MOGA Teases Upcoming Bluetooth Gamepad
Back in November 2013, MOGA released their MFi game controller, Ace Power. However it seems that the Ace Power gaming controller is not the only controller that MOGA has planned because according to a recent photo that was teased, it shows an unannounced gamepad with a button that presumably will enable its Bluetooth connectivity.

Sceptre SoundPal Bluetooth Speaker
The Sceptre SoundPal is not only a Bluetooth speaker, but it also happens to be an audio enhancer which is more than capable of blasting out your favorite music for up to 6 hours tops, until its rechargeable battery maxes out. Sporting state-of-the-art technology alongside a slew of other accessories, the Sceptre SoundPal can be deemed to be the ideal solution when it comes to enjoying your favorite tunes in […]