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Google Reveals 'Eddystone' An Open-Source Low Energy Bluetooth beacon
Google has unveiled its latest open Bluetooth Low Energy beacon standard, named as Eddystone. With this new standard, developers will be allowed an easy access to corresponding factors and exact locations, and all this will also be of great help to the users in various ways.

LG Bluetooth Headset Hits 10 Million Mark...And Counting
Milestones such as birthdays are meant to be celebrated – and done so on a wide scale, too. Having said that, when it comes to hardware, there are also milestones that can be achieved, such as a number of devices sold within the shortest time possible, or crossing a really high mark that is impressive for a device in its class. LG Electronics of South Korea has just announced that […]

Samsung Level U Bluetooth Headset Revealed
Bluetooth headsets are dime a dozen, but this does not mean that the industry should not innovate. Far from it, in fact. Samsung Electronics has decided to take another step forward in this market by announcing their brand new Samsung Level U Bluetooth headset. This will see the Level headset family expand even more, where it will make use of the latest Samsung technology, delivering best-in-class sound with crystal-clear call […]

Unknown LG Handset Spotted Under Bluetooth Certification
Forget about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) – we shall take a look at an unidentified smartphone for the moment, or perhaps at least a couple of those. LG looks as though they have prepared one handset under the smartphone banner that is set to roll out some time later in the third quarter as well as fourth quarter of the year. One of them have already been seen at the […]


Blunt + Tile XS Umbrella Ensures You Will Never Lose It Again
Umbrellas are probably one of the most commonly misplaced items simply because some of us just aren’t used to carrying one, which means that when you bring it out with you, it’s easy to forget that it’s there and you walk out of a restaurant completely forgetting about it. The good news is that if you’re after an umbrella you’ll never forget again, then the Blunt + Tile XS umbrella […]

Huawei Talkband N1 BT Headset
The Talkband N1 is Huawei’s headset/Mp3 player for those who won’t want to exercise with their phones on them. There are countless bluetooth “sports” headsets on the market today, and many boast a great battery life, a water and shock-proof body, but ultimately, you still have to carry your phone (or a music player) which may not be waterproof nor shockproof…

smrtGRiPS Lets You Bike With A GPS Unit In A Special Way
Having a navigation system in place while you are cycling can prove to be quite the challenge, really, as there aren’t really too many elegant solutions in the market at the moment. The general idea would be to mount a GPS unit or smartphone to the handlebars – where it would mean taking your eyes off the road for that split second, not to mention glare from the sun making […]

Schlage Advanced Lock System Offers Peace Of Mind
[CES 2015] I know that peace of mind can be something which is extremely difficult to obtain in this day and age, simply because there are so many uncertainties running around. As a man’s home is his castle, so too, would one need to make sure that said home remains secure – and Schlage intends to help out in this aspect by introducing the Schlage Sense system. Specially designed to […]

Harman Kardon Omni Bar Delivers Wireless Audio
As we continue to make the march in the direction of a wireless lifestyle, ranging from wireless charging to wireless audio, here is a solution in the latter category from Harman, where it will be known as the Harman Kardon Omni Bar. The Harman Kardon Omni Bar happens to be an innovative 2.1-channel soundbar which will come with a high-performance wireless subwoofer, allowing it to deliver a rich audio experience […]

NES30 Bluetooth Controller Rolls Back The Clock
There is nothing quite like rolling back the years when it comes to thinking of the pleasant memories of the yesteryears. Well, NES games have definitely shaped a generation of gamers who grew up around the grey box in living rooms all over the world, and with that, it would surely be not too difficult to look fondly upon the NES30 Bluetooth controller.

Bluetooth 4.2 Packs Quite A Punch
When it comes to Bluetooth technology, it is interesting to know that the technology has progressed quite a fair bit ever since it was first introduced all of those years ago. Having said that, Bluetooth 4.2 is said to pack quite a punch, where this upcoming latest version happens to be part of Bluetooth SIG’s most recent move that will involve tighter security. In fact, Bluetooth 4.2 is said to […]

Car Stereos’ Bluetooth Streaming Issues Attributed To Microsoft Band
The hot selling Microsoft Band certainly has its fair share of fans, so much so that it remains sold out ahead of the holiday season. Well, just because something is extremely popular does not mean that it does not have its fair share of flaws – that is not the case with the Microsoft Band, since it has been reported that this physical fitness tracking device still has some niggling […]

iOS 8 Reportedly Causing Bluetooth Connectivity Issues
It seems that while iOS 8 has brought about a host of new features and improvements to the iOS platform, it also looks like the operating system has come with its fair share of bugs that are causing a lot of issues for its users. Earlier with iOS 8.0.1, the update was pulled as it was reported to have caused Touch ID and cellular service to stop working.An update has […]

Xiaomi Bluetooth Game Controller Revealed
Normally, we would associate the name Xiaomi with that of smartphones – affordable smartphones that will also come with a slew of hardware specifications that are a notch above its regular price, of course. Apart from that, the China-based company also does the likes of tablets and TVs, and this time around, it would be a Bluetooth game controller that will capture our attention. In fact, in order to promote […]