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BMW Looking To Launch Car Subscription Service Pilot Program
At the moment there are various subscriptions services that we are subscribed to. This includes cloud storage services, music streaming, video streaming, software subscriptions, and more. However it looks like carmakers are really starting to lean towards car subscription services because BMW is tossing their hat into the ring.

BMW Electric Cars Won't Be Mass Produced Until 2020
As demand for all-electric cars continues to grow, many car manufacturers are now rushing to get their models out in the market to get a piece of the piece. However, not all manufacturers are in a hurry. German auto giant BMW has said that its electric cars won’t be mass produced until 2020. The company has a solid reason for its decision to not rush into the production of all-electric […]

BMW To Develop The World's Fastest Racing Drone With DRL
BMW makes some very fast cars so it has great expertise in the area of automotive design and technology. Can it lend some of that expertise to drones? That’s what the German auto giant is planning to do in collaboration with the Drone Racing League. The company is developing the world’s fastest racing drone in collaboration with the Drone Racing League.

BMW To Charge Customers $80/Year To Use Apple’s CarPlay
These days it’s not uncommon to see more carmakers offer their customers options when it comes to smart infotainment systems, such as CarPlay or Android Auto, or sometimes the carmaker’s own system. However it seems that BMW wants to charge customers for that luxury in the form of an annual subscription.


BMW Wireless Charging Pad Headed To The U.S.
BMW offers a wide range of plug-in electric cars and owners can charge by obviously plugging them in. However, the company has been working on alternate methods of charging its vehicles and one includes a wireless charging pad. The BMW Wireless Charging Pad is already available in Europe and the company has now confirmed that it’s going to offer the charging pad for one of its cars to customers in […]

BMW Teams Up With Solid Power For Solid-State Batteries
BMW is heavily interested in the future of the automotive industry and that’s not surprising at all. The company has made a string of investments recently to advance its self-driving and electric car technologies. The company has now announced that it’s teaming up with battery technology company Solid Power to develop and commercialize solid-state batteries that will be used in electric cars.

BMW Spending $118 Million On A Track For Self-Driving Cars
BMW is really digging deep into its pockets to keep up with the rapid changes in the automotive industry. The company recently revealed that it’s going to invest $240 million to build more efficient electric car batteries. The company has now said that it’s spending $118 million to build a test track for its self-driving and electric cars. The track is going to be located in the Czech Republic.

BMW Investing $240 Million To Build More Efficient Electric Car Batteries
When it’s not envisioning a future where electric bikes have their own dedicated lanes, BMW is thinking about developing more efficient electric car batteries that push the envelope further on range. The group has announced that it’s investing $240 million in developing its new “BMW Group Battery Cell Competence Centre” to develop the powertrain for its next-generation electric vehicle.

BMW Envisions A Future Where Electric Bikes Have Dedicated Lanes
While electric and self-driving cars are certainly the future that we are headed towards, let’s not forget that not all of us have the means, luxury, or the necessity to own a car in the first place. For example Singapore has recently announced that they will stop adding new cars to its roads starting next year.

BMW To Bring Alexa Voice Controls To Its Cars Next Year
It is no secret that Google and Apple are interesting in getting their services and technologies into cars, which has led to the creation of Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto. However it seems that both companies can expect to compete with the likes of Amazon as well because BMW has announced the Alexa will be coming to their cars as well.

BMW Says That Car Keys Could Eventually Be Replaced By Mobile Apps
Our car keys over the years have evolved where these days there are cars that can start in non-traditional ways, such as using a car, pressing a button, and so on. However could it be that eventually we might get to a point where we could start our cars using nothing but a mobile app? That’s what BMW thinks the future could look like.

BMW Reveals All-Electric Mini Concept
There’s no denying the fact that electric cars are going to be a big part of the future. Major auto manufacturers have realized that which is why they’re jumping on the bandwagon as well. BMW has now revealed an all-electric concept of its iconic Mini. One has to say, the possibility of an all-electric 3-door Mini is very exciting.

Microsoft And BMW Bring Skype To Cars
Microsoft today announced that it’s expanding its partnership with BMW to bring Skype to the German manufacturer’s cars. Skype for Business will now get a place in BMW’s iDrive system. This functionality will enable BMW owners to attend Skype meetings from inside their cars using the stock infotainment system. BMW is already one of the first car manufacturers to enable Office 365 services in its vehicles.

BMW Unveils New Zero-Emission Concept Motorcycle
BMW has unveiled its new concept zero-emission motorcycle at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017. The new concept is inspired by BMW’s Motorrad Vision Next 100 and is called the BMW Motorrad Concept Link. The company says that the concept combines digital connectivity with the demands of urban mobility on two wheels.

BMW To Add 100 EV Charging Stations To US National Parks
What could be more green that installing electric vehicle charging stations at a national park, right? Turns out that’s pretty much what BMW is doing as the company has officially turned on an EV charger that they have installed at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, where it will be one of 100 EV charging stations they plan to install across US national parks.

BMW Android Auto Support Ruled Out
Car manufacturers are increasingly integrating infotainment systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to ensure that their customers have access to the system of their choice. However, there are some manufacturers who opt for one or the other and not both. BMW is one such manufacturer. Even though it offers support for Apple CarPlay in some models as an option, it has ruled out Android Auto support in its cars […]

BMW Brings Cortana To Cars
Microsoft’s Cortana digital personal assistant was launched a couple of years ago. It’s available on Windows-powered smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even gaming consoles. It hasn’t really made its way to the car as yet but the company has worked with BMW on a vision for the future which puts Cortana inside the German auto giant’s luxurious vehicles.

BMW, Mobileye, And Intel Will Test Self-Driving Cars This Year
German auto giant BMW, Mobileye, and Intel today announced that they have teamed up to test self-driving cars in the United States and Europe this year. The companies will deploy 40 self-driving cars for testing on public roads in the second half of this year. The test cars will be BMW 7 Series sedans that are packed with technology provided by Intel and Mobileye.

BMW HoloActive Touch Powers A Revolutionary In-Car User Interface
BMW confirmed late last month that it was going to showcase a new infotainment technology at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas. The technology, called BMW HoloActive Touch, powers a revolutionary in-car user interface that combines the advantages of the BMW Head-Up Display, BMW gesture control, and intuitive touchscreen technology.

HoloActive Touch Puts A Responsive Floating Display Inside BMWs
BMW is going to show off a new infotainment technology at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 next month. It has provided a preview of the new technology called HoloActive Touch today. It basically puts a responsive floating display inside the car, the floating display is actually capable of providing the driver with tactile feedback so it would actually feel like they’re tapping on a real display when they’re just interacting […]