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Destiny 2 Free Trial Confirmed, Available From The 28th Of November
These days there seems to be a bit of debate as to whether or not gamers should pre-order games. There are some who argue that this allows developers to get away with buggy releases, versus developers having to make sure that they’ve got a good solid game that will attract customers.

Bungie Fixes Rigged Destiny 2 XP System
Bungie has confirmed that it’s changing the way Destiny 2 dishes out experience points. There was outrage in the community recently after many had come to the conclusion that the Destiny 2 XP system was rigged. Many players had been raising questions about it over the past days and Bungie has finally confirmed that it’s going to address their concerns by changing the XP system.

Bungie Could Be Working On Free Trial Program For Destiny 2
These days developers and publishers love to encourage gamers to pre-order games before they are released, sometimes tempting gamers with bonus in-game content as an incentive. However some gamers might prefer waiting for the game to be released before buying, like waiting to check out reviews and so on.

Destiny 2’s PS4 Pro & Xbox One X Enhancements Coming Next Month
While the PS4 and Xbox One were powerful in their own right, given that these days we’re starting to see our media content moving towards 4K, it makes sense that gaming will also make that jump as well. This is why Sony and Microsoft have since launched the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X respectively.


First Destiny 2 Expansion Releases On December 5th
Destiny 2 players will soon be able to get their hands on the first expansion for this title. It has been confirmed at Sony’s Paris Games Week conference today when the Curse of Osiris is going to be released for Destiny 2. It’s the first post-launch expansion for this title. A trailer has been released to give us our first official look at the Curse of Osiris.

Destiny 2 PC Versus PS4 Graphics Comparison
The debate surrounding PC versus console gaming will probably never end given how different both platforms are from each other. PC gamers could argue that PCs can do more than just play games, and they can be customized according to a gamer’s preference and budget. Console gamers on the other hand can argue that they’ll never have to worry about not being able to run a game.

Destiny 2 PC Players Are Still Being Banned Without Reason
The much-awaited PC release of Destiny 2 finally took place yesterday and it seems that the launch hasn’t been without hiccups. According to reports, Destiny 2 PC players are being banned for no apparent reason. This is obviously irking a lot of players who have waited a long time to play this game on their gaming machines. Dozens of Destiny 2 players on PC have reported that they have been […]

Bungie Not Banning Destiny 2 PC Players Over Third-Party Software
Nobody likes a cheat, which is why many developers these days are clamping down hard on those caught cheating, like with Blizzard’s Overwatch where there are no second chances for cheaters. Now you might have heard that Destiny 2 for the PC has recently been launched and it seems that quite a few players have already been banned.

Destiny 2 For The PC Is Now Live
The problem with platform exclusivity is that sometimes it risks alienating potential gamers who would love to play the game, but don’t own the particular console the game has launched on. Such was the case with Bungie’s Destiny title that was exclusive to consoles but not on the PC, but that has changed.

Destiny 2 Is The Best-Selling Game For 2017
Bungie’s latest installment in the Destiny franchise, Destiny 2, was launched just last month. However it seems that whatever Bungie has done with Destiny 2 has proven to be a hit amongst gamers because according to the latest figures from the NPD Group, Destiny 2 has managed to become the best-selling title for 2017.

Destiny 2 Boasting Over 1.2 Million Concurrent Players Online
Following the success of Destiny, it did not come as a surprise that Bungie would launch a sequel in the form of Destiny 2. So far reviews of the game have been mostly positive, which is why it doesn’t really surprise us to learn that there are many players who are playing the game at the moment.

Microtransactions Will Be Returning To Destiny 2
If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of microtransactions inside of a game that you’ve just paid full price for, then you might be disappointed to learn that microtransactions will seemingly be making a return to Bungie’s upcoming Destiny 2. This is according to a recent flyer posted by GameStop in which is appears to confirm that silver will be making its return.

Destiny 2 Live Action Trailer Is All Kinds Of Awesome
When it comes to video game trailers, there are many approaches that we have seen over the years, with some developers opting to create trailers based on in-game footage, while others opt for more cinematic-quality trailers with CG, or in the case with Bungie’s Destiny 2, it seems that they have opted to use a live action trailer.

Destiny 2 Launch Trailer Released
Bungie’s Destiny 2 is expected to be released early next month, and for gamers who can’t wait and would like to sate their appetite, you’ll be pleased to learn that Bungie has since released a new launch trailer for the upcoming game, which as with most trailers, does a pretty good job of hyping up its release.