CES 2016

Lenovo To Create Smartphone With Google’s Project Tango Technology
Several days ago, Lenovo and Google teased an announcement in which it suggested that both companies will be working on something related to Project Tango. It was highly-speculated that the end result could be some kind of commercial smartphone, and it looks like if you were a betting kind of person, you’d be right.Today, both Lenovo and Google have announced a partnership in which the former will be making a […]

Concepter’s Soul Wants You To Spend More Time With Loved Ones
It’s ironic how technology is supposed to help connect us with people all over the world, but at the same time we end up neglecting the people closest to us. How many times have you come across situations where you see families out for dinner, only for everyone to have their eyes glued to the screen?Chances are it has happened many times, but the folks at Concepter want you to […]

L’Oreal’s Wearable Sensor Warns If You’ve Had Too Much Sun
L’Oreal might be a brand you associate with makeup and beauty products, but recently the company has debuted a wearable sensor at CES 2016 which is an interesting move by the company, but at the same time it still seems to be in line with what they do: making your skin look good.Developed by La Roche-Posay, which is one of L’Oreal’s skin-care brands, this is a thin sensor that can […]

This Invention Will Help Prevent Texting While Driving
Texting and driving is a big no-no, unless you are in a self-driving car in which we suppose it’s sort of ok, even though you should probably keep your eyes on the road anyway. However until self-driving cars become commercially available, what are we to do about people who text and drive?A man by the name of T.J. Evarts might have the solution to that problem in the form of […]


Ford's Autonomous Vehicle Generates Real-Time 3D Map
[CES 2016] Ford continues to look forward into the future of vehicle technology by showcasing the Fusion Hybrid automated research vehicle. As you can tell by its name, this will be the Ford Fusion Hybrid, and what makes it different from a regular Fusion Hybrid model would be the inclusion of hardware within that makes it a research unit on wheels. Of course, the inclusion of the new hardware that […]

Audi e-tron Electric SUV Concept Can Pilot Itself In Traffic
Audi had previously announced that it would show off an all-electric SUV concept at CES 2016 and it has followed through on that promise. The Audi e-tron is a concept fully-electric sports SUV, don’t expect to see this on the roads it merely proves a point about where Audi wants its technology to go, and also showcases the company’s strategy to tackle the growing market for all-electric cars.

Nextbit Robin hands-on: a bold smartphone that embraces the cloud
Yesterday at CES 2016, we finally got the chance to spend some quality time with Robin, Nextbit‘s “cloud-first” smartphone, and came away quite impressed. As a refresher, Nextbit launched Robin last September on Kickstarter and raised over $1.3 million. The company, which is based in San Francisco, is made up of seasoned handset makers like ex-HTC designer Scott Croyle. Needless to say, it’s refreshing to see a phone getting successfully […]

Ford MoDe:Me eBike Stows Away Perfectly In Your Trunk
[CES 2016] A couple of days before we bade goodbye to 2015, there was this particular bit of news that mentioned how a patent had been awarded to Ford for transforming your vehicle’s rear wheel into that of a unicycle, now how about that for convenience? It looks like Ford has taken a baby step with their MoDe:Me eBike, where it will not take the place of your vehicles’s spare […]

Chevrolet's 2017 Bolt EV Promises 200-Mile Range On Full Charge
Over a year ago Chevrolet unveiled the Bolt electric vehicle concept, the idea was to make a compact all-electric car which would be cheap and yet provide a respectable amount of range on a single charge. At CES 2016 the company has unveiled the production version of the 2017 Bolt electric vehicle, it promises a 200-mile range on a full charge at a relatively affordable price.

First Response Tells You If You’re Pregnant Via Bluetooth
[CES 2016] Some couples seem to have babies all too easily, while others who try and try and continue trying seem to have luck desert them – it is all very difficult to tell. However, when it comes to seeing whether your other half is pregnant or not, most folks would stick to the regular pregnancy test kit – or simply wait until there are obvious physical signs that the […]

iFit And EarlySense To Help Track Sleep “Performance”
[CES 2016] Now, I myself am not quite sure whether there is such a thing as sleeping “peformance”, although sleep quality is another thing altogether that most people would be more comfortable with. After all, being able to sleep is not some sort of contest or competition, but something to be treasured. EarlySense has teamed up with smart fitness technology leader iFit in order to deliver an integration of the […]

Syber Introduces New Gaming PCs
[CES 2016] Syber Gaming might not be a name that rings a bell with many people, but perhaps things might change if one were to mention Cyberpower PC. Yes, Syber Gaming is a spinoff from Cyberpower PC, and over at CES this year they have announced not one, but two more additions to its growing gaming PC range.

Murata Reveals UMAC Series Advanced Miniaturized Energy Devices
[CES 2016] Murata of America has just announced that they managed to successfully develop the UMAC Series, which so happens to be a large-capacity cylinder-type energy device. This particular product is said to be able to deliver an energy harvesting system, in addition to a quick charge solution, and backup power supply – all of it arriving in an extremely small form factor.

iHeartMedia And Universal Join Forces To Bring Concerts In Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is really the next best thing to experiencing something if you weren’t physically present there, we all know how hard it can prove to be to get your hands on concert tickets, particularly if it’s a very popular act. This is why iHeartMedia and Universal Music Group have joined forces to bring concerts in virtual reality.