Google Wants To Educate The Public On Detecting Phishing Emails

Gmail’s spam detection feature works pretty well and for the most part does an excellent job at filtering out scam emails from the real ones (although sometimes it ends up filtering out the real ones as well). However from time to time, phishing emails do get through and some of them look so convincing that even seasoned internet users might be fooled.

Tynker Junior Uses Games To Help Kids Understand Coding Fundamentals

There are multiple programming languages out there today depending on which platform you are coding on. However underlying all those languages is a fundamental concept which involves being able to understand problem solving, and that’s what Tynker is hoping to impart with its new app Tynker Junior.

Google Will Soon Teach You How To Pronounce Words Slowly

Over time, Google has evolved to be more than just a search engine to find topics on the internet. It has also become a platform to learn new things, such as calculations, conversions, the weather, and also word definitions, all of which can be done from Google Search itself without having to go to other websites.

Kids Can Now Learn Their ABCs & 123s From Dungeons & Dragons

When it comes to teaching kids their ABCs and 123s, there are hundreds, if not thousands of books out there that try to accomplish that. However publisher Wizards of the Coast are hoping that with their latest educational books, they will be able to raise a generation of adventurers by launching a set of Dungeons & Dragons based books.


Huawei Launches AI App That Helps Deaf Children Read

Reading for most of us isn’t much of an issue, but when it comes to those who are deaf or hearing impaired, especially if they are only kids, then it can pose a challenge as parents or teachers might not necessarily know sign language well enough to convey information on a page to the child in question.

Amazon To Make Its Machine Learning Course Free To Developers

There are a lot of topics and subject matter that back in our days in university, might never have been taught, or at least we never thought to learn about it, but in this day and age where tech is playing such huge roles in our lives, it’s not uncommon to see schools start to offer coding classes to kids.

Nintendo Labo Workshop Launched For Kids

Nintendo’s Labo kits have been designed to an interesting way for players to take advantage of the Switch. It can also be viewed as an educational tool/toy where based on the user’s imagination, they can come up with all kinds of inventions. To help foster that creativity, Nintendo has since announced plans for a series of Labo Workshops.

Apple Wants To Teach You Photo Editing Over The Phone

Learning to use technical software can be an intimidating experience, which is why when companies offer users the chance to go for some free lessons, it’s not a bad idea to take them up on their offer. In fact Apple is doing that right now with its Photos app, although oddly enough it seems that these lessons will be conducted over the phone.

Instagram Testing College Community Feature

Instagram is a good place if you’re trying to follow your favorite celebrities. It can also be a good place to draw inspiration from if you’re looking for design ideas, photography, architecture, and so on. Now it looks like Instagram is testing out a way that will allow college students to find each other on social media.

School Software Supplier Develops Suicide Risk Detector

School computers tend to be loaded with a bunch of software designed to restrict student use so that the computers are only used for educational purposes, and also filters that prevent students from browsing things that they shouldn’t be browsing. GoGuardian is a company that develops and supplies schools with such software, and now they have a new tool.

Teens Are Also Worried About How Long They Spend On Their Devices

For the generation who grew up not surrounded by phones, tablets, and computers, we know what life was like without such devices, and we also found ways to enjoy our lives without the need to be connected all the time. This is versus the younger generation where more are getting raised with iPads placed in front of them.

Children Could Reportedly Be At Risk Of Being Influenced By Robots

Peer pressure is something that we all have to put up with throughout our lives, but it seems that in the future when robots become more prevalent in our homes and society, it appears that there could be a risk of what researchers are calling “robot influence”, and one that parents need to be concerned about.

Japanese Students Use VR To Recreate Hiroshima Bombing

Virtual reality (VR) can be used for entertainment, but at the same time it can also be used for educational purposes. A good example would be over in Japan where high school students have produced a 5 minute VR experience that is meant to recreate the sights and sounds of what it was like when Hiroshima was bombed.

Google Glass Can Help Kids With Autism

In recent times we’ve started to realize how wearables have the potential to help with certain medical conditions. For example recently it was discovered that over in China, the use of virtual reality could potentially help gauge how well drug addicts are recovering in rehab. Now it looks like another wearable in the form of Google Glass can also help kids with autism.