Google Releases Free Drag-And-Drop Tool That Lets You Build 3D Games
Developers of video games have a pretty tough job. This is because there’s really no way to fully satisfy each and every single gamer out there, where even highly-rated games will always have gamers who will complain about something, about features that should be changed, and so on.

DJI’s Robomaster S1 Wants To Make Learning Coding And Robotics Fun
Back in the day, learning coding was a very niche topic to study and there were many who believe that it wasn’t a particularly important topic to learn, unless that was the field that you wanted to get into. These days, it’s a very different story as many companies and institutions are starting to emphasize the importance of coding.

Apple’s CEO Thinks That Coding Should Be Taught At Younger Ages
Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has not been shy in his opinion that coding should be taught in schools. In fact, more recently it seems that Cook thinks that coding should be taught at a young age and that going to university and getting a four-year degree to become proficient at coding is not necessary.

FDA Creates A Game That Will Help Kids To Stop Smoking
We all know that smoking is bad for your health and that kids smoking is also another issue. However the FDA thinks that they might have the answer to stop kids from smoking and that is through the creation of a PC and Xbox One game dubbed “One Leaves”. This game has been designed to scare kids into stopping.


Rakuten’s CEO Wants All Of His 17,000 Employees To Learn To Code
Back in the day, learning computer programming was largely optional unless you specifically wanted a career in it. However these days with all our gadgets and tech, learning to code has become more important than ever, especially since it opens up so many different avenues and career paths.

Apple Launches Initiative To Help Combat Fake News
Last year Apple announced that they acquired Texture, a “Netflix for magazines” so to speak. The acquisition is said to be part of a larger plan where Apple expects to launch their own news and magazine subscription service, and it seems that Apple could be trying to give its service more credibility.

Google Launches A Free App To Teach English To Kids
There are many languages spoken around the world, but if you are planning on doing business in the west, then there is a good chance that your business will be conducted in English. Since not all of us were brought up on English, this can be challenging for some, but Google seems to want to do their part.

This Extension Helps You Learn A New Language While You Watch Netflix
Learning a new language can be fun, but we imagine that attending classes or reading a book can be a bit boring. However there is some good news for those looking to learn a new language. There is a Chrome extension which when installed, will help users learn a new language while watching their favorite Netflix show.

University Of Toronto Now Offering A Course On Self-Driving Cars
Self-driving cars appear to be the way of the future, and even if they are not, teaching a vehicle on how to be autonomous, look out for obstacles, and navigate its way around certainly has a number of possibilities attached to it. It seems like a field that could expand in the future, so much so that the University of Toronto has decided to start offering a course on self-driving […]

Google Wants To Educate The Public On Detecting Phishing Emails
Gmail’s spam detection feature works pretty well and for the most part does an excellent job at filtering out scam emails from the real ones (although sometimes it ends up filtering out the real ones as well). However from time to time, phishing emails do get through and some of them look so convincing that even seasoned internet users might be fooled.

Tynker Junior Uses Games To Help Kids Understand Coding Fundamentals
There are multiple programming languages out there today depending on which platform you are coding on. However underlying all those languages is a fundamental concept which involves being able to understand problem solving, and that’s what Tynker is hoping to impart with its new app Tynker Junior.

Google Will Soon Teach You How To Pronounce Words Slowly
Over time, Google has evolved to be more than just a search engine to find topics on the internet. It has also become a platform to learn new things, such as calculations, conversions, the weather, and also word definitions, all of which can be done from Google Search itself without having to go to other websites.

Kids Can Now Learn Their ABCs & 123s From Dungeons & Dragons
When it comes to teaching kids their ABCs and 123s, there are hundreds, if not thousands of books out there that try to accomplish that. However publisher Wizards of the Coast are hoping that with their latest educational books, they will be able to raise a generation of adventurers by launching a set of Dungeons & Dragons based books.

Huawei Launches AI App That Helps Deaf Children Read
Reading for most of us isn’t much of an issue, but when it comes to those who are deaf or hearing impaired, especially if they are only kids, then it can pose a challenge as parents or teachers might not necessarily know sign language well enough to convey information on a page to the child in question.