Audi Bike Concept

While bicycles are already as green as vehicles can get, motorbikes unfortunately don’t fall into the same category. As a way to compromise the need for an engine (sometimes you just need that extra help going uphill especially after a tiring day at work) bicycle manufacturers have started putting electrical motors in their designs. But most of these bikes don’t exactly look fantastic. Well, a designer named Arash Karimi has come up with a concept bike that would look suitable amongst Audi’s portfolio of stylish cars.

This concept bicycle makes use of an electrical engine that has a rechargeable battery embedded within the frame of the bicycle itself. When fully charged, the battery can last for a 20 KM commute in the city. It comes with rear lights, an adjustable seat and easily interchangeable wheels. It also makes use of a Kevlar belt chain that doesn’t require grease to maintain. Overall it looks very minimalistic and definitely suitable for daily usage, but its low handlebars mean users will have to lean forward at all times when cycling. Check out more images of the bike at Yanko Design.

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