God Of War’s Release Date To Be Announced Soon

We have been hearing about Sony’s upcoming God of War for a while now, but in terms of a release date that’s still pretty much a mystery. However according to Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia Localization Producer Chris Ashimine, it seems that we might be able to expect a release date soon.

PlayStation Store Reveals Potential ‘God Of War’ Release Date

Sony’s new God of War game is looking good, but unfortunately apart from announcing the game, sharing some details, and also releasing a couple of trailers here and there, a release date has yet to be confirmed, but that could potentially have been revealed thanks to a recent listing on the PlayStation Store.

New ‘God Of War’ Trailer Released Featuring Fire Troll Artwork

One of Sony’s exclusive franchises for its PlayStation platform is God of War. The franchise has been in existence for many years now and has found its way onto pretty much every PlayStation console that has been released to date, which is why it isn’t surprising that many gamers are looking forward to the new God of War which was announced last year.

New God Of War Gameplay Trailer Released

If you were looking forward to playing God of War this year, you will be disappointed. It was initially speculated that the game could be released in 2017 thanks to a listing on YouTube Gaming which set the date of release as the 28th of November. However it seems that the game will only be released in 2018.


God Of War Could Be Released On 28th November

Last year Sony unveiled a new God of War title, and what makes this particular title is that not only will it feature Kratos (which is to be expected), but it will also feature his son and based on the gameplay videos, gamers will sort of be playing both characters which does make for pretty unique gameplay for the franchise.

God Of War Release Date Could Be Revealed At E3 2017

The God of War franchise is a famed one and it has spanned several titles, but the upcoming God of War is hoping to change the narrative a bit by introducing Kratos and his son into the game. So far from what we have seen in the various videos, it looks pretty good and we can’t wait for it, so the question is when?

God Of War Release Date Leaked

Sony Santa Monica confirmed quite a few months ago that it’s developing a new God of War game. It has confirmed bits and pieces about the upcoming game but hasn’t confirmed precisely when the new title is going to be released. If a new report is to be believed, the new God of War release date might have been leaked by a Portuguese retailer. It’s far from a confirmation but […]

God Of War 4 Could Be Released In 2017

Back at E3 2016 last year, Sony took the wraps off the next installment in the God of War franchise. However in case you missed the announcement, the game will not be a continuation of the previous titles, but will act as a reboot of the franchise and will actually see Kratos fighting alongside his young son.

New God Of War Game Reaches Important Milestone

Sony announced the new God of War PlayStation 4-exclusive game at the E3 gaming conference earlier this year but its Santa Monica Studio hasn’t provided more details about the game since. This led many fans to give up hope for the title even though the studio hasn’t said anything to suggest that development on the new God of War game has stalled. That couldn’t be further from the truth as […]

New God Of War Game Won’t Make Appearance At PlayStation Experience

We’ve all known for a while now that a new God of War game is in the pipeline for PlayStation 4 and fans of the franchise obviously want to find out more about it. However, they won’t be able to get more information about it at the PlayStation Experience event in December because game director Cory Barlog has confirmed that the new God of War game is not going to […]

God Of War Was Designed For The Standard PS4

During E3 2016, Sony announced and showed off their latest God of War title and we have to say that the game looks pretty damn good. Now some are probably wondering if Sony made the game with the PS4 Pro in mind. After all the console had already been confirmed at that point, and we guess thinking about the future makes sense for any company.

The New ‘God Of War’ Will Not Have Multiplayer

During E3 2016 last week, Sony announced a new God of War title. The game looked good and it also looked different. This is because the latest installment in the franchise introduced Kratos’ son, and because he is now a father, Kratos appears to be a lot more subdued in this game compared to previous God of War titles.

New God Of War Doesn’t Feature Original Voice Actor Of Kratos

You might have been very happy when Sony confirmed during its E3 2016 press conference that a new God of War game is in the pipeline. You might have also been a bit confused to hear Kratos sound different in the God of War 4 trailer, and that’s because the original voice actor for Kratos has not been brought back for the new game. Someone else is voicing the iconic […]

Sony Announces A New ‘God Of War’ Game At E3 2016

There are many games that have managed to become classic staples over the years, and the God of War franchise is one of them. After all the game’s protagonist Kratos is pretty recognizable and he is also a favorite amongst cosplayers. Now we had heard rumors that a new God of War would be announced at E3, and sure enough Sony did not disappoint.