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WhatsApp Android Backup Will No Longer Count Towards Google Drive Storage
WhatsApp for Android backups its data onto Google Drive. If you’re the type that doesn’t keep a lot of media files in WhatsApp, or chooses not to backup media files, chances are your backup data is pretty small. However there are probably many who use the backup to store photos and videos and that can get pretty big.

Google One Is Google’s Paid Storage Service
When it comes to cloud storage services, Google Drive probably comes to mind. It is a free storage service which comes with a set amount of storage for users, but there are options for users to upgrade their storage if they need that extra space. However to differentiate the paid storage and free storage, Google has since announced what they are calling Google One.

Google Drive Updated With New UI
From time to time, things need to be changed and updated, and this is especially true when it comes to UI. This is what used to work might no longer be applicable today, take for example websites which were mostly designed for computers back then, but given how much we browse on mobile, there is now a need to create mobile-friendly websites as well.

Google Drive Updated With AI To Help With File Organization
Unless you’re someone who spends a lot of time and thought into organizing their files on their computer, there’s a good chance that after a few years, your folders tend to get super messy and sometimes filled with files that you might have completely forgotten about until now. The good news for Google Drive users is that Google wants to help.


Google Drive Lets Users Easily Comment On Microsoft Office Files
Google Drive has received a new update today which is going to make it easier for users who rely on Google Drive to collaborate on projects to use a mix of Microsoft Office and G Suite while going about their work. It now allows users to comment on Microsoft Office, PDF, and image files in the Google Drive Preview Pane without requiring Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat Reader apps and […]

Unexplained Google Docs Bug Locking Users Out Of Drafts
If you’re a frequent user of Google Docs you might have experienced this today. Many users have taken to social media to report an unexplained Google Docs bug that’s locking them out of their drafts when they try to edit the documents. Not only are they locked out, but they also receive a notification that makes no sense in most cases. The notification warns them that the document they’re trying […]

Google Drive Updated To Play Nicely With Apple’s ‘Files’ App
One of the key new features of iOS 11 is the introduction of the “Files” app. This app finally brings about a way for iOS users to better manage their files on their device, whether it be stored in iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive, all within one place as opposed to having to juggle multiple apps.

Google Drive For PC/Mac Will Be Replaced With Backup And Sync
The Google Drive app for the PC and Mac has been around for a very long time and basically provides users with access to their Drive account and files without having to go through the web interface. Unfortunately it looks like the app will soon be going away, according to an announcement by Google.

Google’s New Backup And Sync Desktop Client Is Now Available
Back in June, Google announced a new tool that would be coming to Google Drive in the form of Backup and Sync, which is basically a more robust way offered by Google to help backup the contents of your computer onto their services such as Google Drive and Google Photos, but for some reason the feature was delayed.

Google Drive’s ‘Backup And Sync’ Feature Delayed
A couple of weeks ago, Google announced an upcoming feature for Google Drive called Backup and Sync. Basically what the idea of this feature is that it will help users backup their entire computer, and will be replacing the standard Google Drive and Google Photos Backup app for Mac and PC.

Google Drive Will Soon Backup Your Entire Computer
Google Drive is one of the many cloud storage services available at the moment, and for the most part it does a great job of backing up your documents and photos in the cloud. However if you wanted to use it to backup more things on your computer, like maybe your entire computer itself, that will soon be a thing.

Backup And Sync By Google Makes Drive For PC/Mac Much Better
There’s already a desktop tool available for Google Drive on PC and Mac. However, it’s limited in the functionality that it offers in that it only monitors one folder and backs up files whenever that folder is updated. Google is now making this tool much better by introducing what it calls Backup and Sync. This feature will enable Drive to function as a much more effective backup and sync tool […]

Google Drive Billing Now Linked To Google Play
If you’re the type that prefers to have one account handle their subscriptions, you’ll be pleased to learn that Google Drive storage billing is now linked to Google Play. This was previously announced by Google, but as noted by the folks on Reddit (via Android Police), it looks like the feature has begun to roll out to users.

Google Drive Now Offering Annual Billing With Discounts
Most services that charge a subscription tend to offer users discounts if they were to purchase a year’s worth. This is because this more or less locks the user in for the entire year, guaranteeing that the customer will be sticking around. The good news is that if you were looking for cloud storage and Google Drive was on your list, it just got more tempting.