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Google Babel To Be Unveiled At I/O As Google Hangouts [Rumor]
Last month, we heard a lot about Google Babel as we saw screenshots of its web interface were leaked as well as a rumor of it supporting Google Voice when it’s launched. It looks like the rumor mill is picking up again as we’re hearing a new rumor in regards to Google Babel.The recent rumor concerning Google Babel reportedly comes from a source inside of Google who revealed some information on the […]

Google Voice For Android Updated
Take a look outside the window and check out the moon’s color – does it carry a blue shade with it? Assuming that it doesn’t, perhaps you might want to do a double take, since Google Voice for Android has finally received an update. One can more or less say that Google Voice has been one of Google’s more overlooked products, not only by users, but also by the Internet […]

Google Babel Could Support Google Voice
We did talk about Google Babel earlier yesterday, where leaked screenshots of its basic web interface were revealed. Well, here is more about Google Babel that you might be interested in finding out. Granted, it did seem as though Google Babel will not see Google Voice thrown into the mix at launch, and will only have the likes of Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, and Hangouts bundled, but in the course […]

Google Voice Optimized for iOS 6 and iPhone 5
The Nook app from Barnes & Noble isn’t the only one getting an update today. Google is also updating its own Google Voice app to version 1.4.3. Users on iOS 6 who are dying to use Google Voice but just can’t due to the poor support will be happy to hear that the app is now optimized for iOS 6 and yes, the iPhone 5. Version 1.4.3 comes just two […]


Google Voice update now allows users to handle anonymous calls
Google is launching a new update to Google Voice, the behemoth’s free PC-to-PC voice service that was launched way back in 2009. Google is updating the service with two new features that users might find useful. Essentially, two new groups of callers that promises to help its users manage their privacy better will be added to Google Voice – people in the address book and a separate group for anonymous […]

Google Voice has Voicemail Display with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Google Voice first launched three years ago, where visual voicemail was supported then. Just how did you access visual voicemail? For starters, you will need to open the Google Voice app, check all of your voicemails from there as they come with text transcripts, and play them on-demand. There are moments, however, where you are on the receiving end of a missed call, and it can be quite the chore […]

Google Voice app for Android updated
Users of the Google Voice app on Android will be glad to know that it has received a new update today. The update brings the app up to version and introduces a useful new feature: asynchronous SMS sending aka offline queuing which means you can now write text messages and save them as drafts when you have no Google Voice connection (i.e. while you’re in a tunnel or a […]

Google Voice for iPhone updated with Sprint integration
iOS users have typically been behind Google app updates and features, although we can’t say we’re surprised that Google may want to give the latest features to Android users first. However the good news for iPhone owners is that if the Google Voice application has been updated and is now bringing iPhone owners the same features that Android users have been enjoying for a while now.

Santa gets own Google Voice number
It was one year ago that Santa received a Google Voice number that he calls his own, and folks living Stateside managed to pick up a personalized holiday phone call from the man himself. Well, this year things are slightly different – and Santa wants you to play a more pro-active roll by calling him, considering how you cannot really hold a decent conversation with a bunch of reindeer who […]

Google Voice for Android supports mass texting
Are you an avid user of Google Voice for Android? Well, if you answered in the affirmative, then you would be interested to hear that the latest version of Google Voice for Android will support the ability for you to send text messages to not just one, but multiple recipients in the process. Yes sir, it is now able to let you “spam” others with the latest happenings in your […]

Google Voice back on the App Store
Earlier this week we reported that the Google Voice app was removed from the App Store due to numerous complaints of the app crashing after customers upgraded to iOS 5. Well, it took a few days, but Google has finally fixed the issue and updated Google Voice for iOS, which is now back on the Apple App Store. So for those of you who have been missing out on Google […]

Google Voice removed from Apple App Store after iOS 5 crash
It seems that Google Voice and iOS 5 do not play nice with each other, after numerous customers who made the jump to iOS 5 (I wonder how many of the 20 million were affected)made complaints about Google Voice crashing. According to one who posted his grievances on an online forum, “After updating to iOS 5, the Google Voice app began to crash continuously. It received push notifications perfectly, but […]

Auto-recharge for Google Voice ensures you never run out of credit
Making international calls from Gmail might be cheap to do, but that doesn’t mean it’s free. And if you’re calling a lot of overseas numbers, you might find yourself running out of credit all the time – which can be annoying, especially when you’re in the middle of an important conversation and you get cut off. Well, those issues can now be a thing of the past. No, Google didn’t […]

Google Voice now supports Global Spam Filtering
Tired of receiving unwanted calls on your Google Voice number? Well, the folks over at Google have come up with a way to stop that from happening. Google has just updated the Google Voice service to support Global Spam Filtering. Whenever you get a call from a telemarketer or a random number who keeps asking for the wrong person, stopping them from ever calling again is just as easy as […]