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Griffin Updates StudioConnect Music-Creation iOS Accessory To Support Lightning Connector
 [CES 2013] Up until now, if you wanted to create any kind of music on your iOS device seeing how powerful and portable they can be compared to actually recording in a music studio, you needed to stick with last-generation technology as all music-creating iOS accessories were only compatible with the previous 30-pin connector. Now, musicians can finally update their iOS devices to those with the Lightning connector as Griffin […]

Griffin unveils Moto TC Monster and Moto TC Racer iOS controlled toy cars
Custom built remote controlled cars can be quite an expensive hobby, but if you don’t have that much cash to spare, perhaps Griffin’s new line of iOS remote controlled cars might be a much more affordable solution. Griffin’s new offering comes in two flavors – the Moto TC Monster and the Moto TC Racer, with the Monster representing a monster truck, while the Racer represents a smaller, buggy-like racing car. […]

Griffin MIDIConnect announced
Griffin Technology has just announced the availability of MIDIConnect, which is actually a MIDI in and out interface for iOS-powered devices – namely the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Basically, MIDIConnect will enable musicians to enjoy a compact and portable solution that allows them to create and edit music wherever they are, without costing a bomb unlike recording studio rentals.MIDIConnect will introduce a MIDI input and output solution to iOS […]

Griffin announces AirStrap Med sanitizable case for the iPad
Hmmm, the iPad and the medical community are not exactly at loggerheads, and just as how there is an app for everything, so too, will the medical field find use for an iPad. Griffin might have stumbled upon something interesting – the AirStrap Med sanitizable case that was specially concocted just for the iPad. Specially designed for easy use by medical personnel as they provide the relevant care for patients, […]


Griffin WoodTones ear-buds are eco-friendly
When it comes to going green, how often do you wish that your headphones/ear-buds were recyclable? Admittedly it’s not a common thought but we guess every bit helps, right? Well if you’re interested in lending a hand and help save the environment, the folks at Griffin have taken the wraps of a set of ear-buds dubbed the “WoodTones”. As the name itself has suggested, these are a set of ear-buds […]

Griffin and Threadless announce new stylish iPad cases
Griffin is a brand known by smartphone and tablet users for putting some pretty useful casings and protective sleeves, while Threadless is a company known by many for their quirky and uniquely designed user submitted t-shirts. Combining the two together, well, it looks like you could end up with a pretty stylish looking case for yourself, and that’s what they have both done. Griffin and Threadless have announced a collaborative […]

Griffin and Crayola's kids-friendly MyPhones now available
Parents, in a world where tablets, computers, smartphones and portable media players run rampant, safe to say your kids will no doubt find access to one of those. While protecting your kids from the dangers of the internet is one thing, what about when it comes to listening to audio? You might provide your kids with headphones or earphones, but since your kids don’t know the safety levels, they might […]

Griffin’s HELO TC Assault available today (updated)
Remember the HELO TC Assault that was unveiled at CES 2012? If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on one, we’ve got some good news for you. As of today, the remote controlled helicopter is available for purchase. The helicopter can be controlled by any iOS or Android device – all you need to do is plug in the Flight Deck module into the headphone jack of your smartphone/tablet. […]

Griffin Technology knows CES is no child's play
[CES 2012] When it comes to a high profile show like CES, you know for sure that getting everything in place can prove to be quite a challenge, and all parties from PR firms to the product company itself have plenty of work to do. Griffin Technology must be pleased that their offerings have managed to arrive at CES 2012 on time – with the Woogie App for iOS which […]

Griffin StudioConnect and MIDIConnect turns your iPad into a recording studio
[CES 2012] If there’s one thing I love about the iPad, it would be the tablet’s ability to be used as a music creation device. From the tons of apps available to all the hardware that’s been specially designed for it, the iPad is good enough to be called a serious musician’s device – even Gorillaz managed record and release an album created with the iPad! Continuing the ever expanding […]

Griffin and Crayola offers kid-friendly accessories
[CES 2012] Griffin has teamed up with Crayola to deliver a new range of kid-friendly mobile accessories, where the Crayola MyPhones will lead the 2012 lineup as it comes in a couple of styles – you can choose from earbuds and headphones. Regardless of which route you take, they will still come with built-in volume-limiting circuitry so that sound pressure levels can be kept at a safe point that is […]

Griffin Twenty gives your regular speakers AirPlay capabilities
[CES 2012] If you’ve got a set of speakers you love and don’t want to spend extra money to replace them for AirPlay-capable speakers, you’re in luck – provided you have an AirPort Express lying around. Griffin has come up with a new product called the Griffin Twenty – an adapter that bridges your AirPort Express and your speakers, and gives them AirPlay capabilities. Pretty much a no-brainer if you’re […]

Griffin announces the GuitarConnect Pro for aspiring bedroom recording artists
Good news musicians! If you own the iPad and have been looking forward to connecting your guitar/bass/electric violin to the tablet and laying down some tracks on Garage Band, Griffin has announced the GuitarConnect Pro which adds an instrument input to the iPad and the iPhone.

Crayola Trace & Draw from Crayola and Griffin hits the iPad 2
You might want to get your kids started off on the right footing with technology such as tablets, but sometimes, they might end up using your tablet as their primary gaming device, adding to more Angry Birds downloads in the process. Why not give them something different to occupy their time – with the Crayola Trace & Draw accessory and app combo for instance?

Griffin MultiDock lets you charge and sync multiple iOS devices simultaneously
Need to fill up a whole bunch of iOS devices with the same apps and files, but don’t have the time or patience to do it individually? Well, Griffin Technology has got the solution just for you. Called the MultiDock, it’s the first of its kind dock that lets you charge and sync up to 10 iOS devices at the same time. Designed for educators, healthcare professionals, sales executives, and […]

Griffin Technology Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer targets touchscreen devices
Most of the coolest gadgets that you find in the market these days sport a touchscreen display of sorts – never mind the size, but these displays definitely love to have a finger (or fingers) dance all over while you manipulate numerous user interfaces. Well, Griffin Technology has an alternative to the finger – by rolling out the Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer. Don’t you find it rather strange […]

iPhone-controlled Griffin HELO TC Helicopter now available
It looks like you and your kids won’t have much trouble looking for a remote-controlled helicopter toy this season. After iRemoco announced that its copters are now on sale, it looks like Griffin has decided to follow suit as well. Supposed to be available only later this year, it looks like Griffin has decided to bring forward the release date of its iOS device-controlled HELO TC Helicopter.

Griffin Helo TC's app controlled helicopter will make a great Christmas present
Well I don’t know about you guys, but I know what I want for Christmas – the Griffin Helo TC iOS app controlled helicopter. I know it’s only July but Griffin has plans to release this toy during the Christmas season. RC (remote control) hobbyists are probably thinking to themselves, aren’t there better looking, more powerful helicopters that I can get? Sure there are, like the AR.Drone quad-copter, but it […]

Griffin Crayola ColorStudio HD turns your iPad into a digital canvas for kids
Ever wanted to introduce your kids to the world of drawing and coloring but didn’t want them to make a mess all over the house? Well according to Crayola and Griffin Technology, the answer to such a problem lies with the iPad. The two companies have teamed up to introduce a new take on using the tablet as a digital canvas with the Crayola ColorStudio HD app for iPad.

Griffin StompBox and Mic Stand Mount for iPad
While the iPad is not as versatile as the iPod touch when it comes to applications as well as other functions, that doesn’t mean it is left far behind. No sir, as you can tell by the presence of the Griffin StompBox and Mic Stand Mount for iPad as peripherals. This will function as a pedal board to resemble that of the real deal, working great especially when you’re rocking […]