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HP Elite x3 Available From Microsoft Retail Stores Next Week
The HP Elite x3 is a true Windows 10 powerhouse. So far this device has only been sold via online channels but it has now been confirmed that the handset will be sold through Microsoft’s brick and mortar retail stores starting next week. Customers who are interested in picking one up will be able to walk into one of the company’s stores and pick up the HP Elite x3 directly […]

HP To Acquire Samsung’s Printer Business For $1.05 Billion
The printer industry is something we don’t really think too much about. We do need printers, but since their jobs are pretty specific like to print, photocopy, or to scan, as long as it gets the job done there’s really not much to think about when choosing a printer. However HP believes that they can do something to “disrupt” the industry.

Pre-Order HP Elite X3 Starting Today From HP's Website
HP announced the Elite X3 earlier this year. This Windows 10 Mobile-powered device is big on productivity. The handset has specifications that you would expect from a flagship smartphone and has been built with the business customer in mind. It delivers seamless phablet, laptop, and desktop productivity in a single device. Interested customers can now pre-order the HP Elite X3 in the United States from HP’s website.

Ubergizmo’s Best of IFA 2016
After two very intense “Press Days”, all the major products at the IFA trade show in Berlin/Germany have been announced, looked at and covered. The best technology companies in the world took their best shot at demonstrating the value of their new products, and many are impressive, but we think that there are ten that are above all others, the Best of IFA 2016, Here they are, in no particular […]


HP Pavilion Wave Desktop Computer
HP is continuing its push towards better and more innovative designs, and we’re keeping a close eye on it. This latest HP Pavilion Wave is a desktop computer designed to be practical, powerful and very integrated. It is also capable of blending into the surrounding because it does not look like a computer at all.

HP EliteDisplay S240UJ Comes With A Wireless Charging Base
Monitors used to serve one purpose back in the day, and that was to display information. However with the plethora of monitors that we can choose from these days, manufacturers are certainly stepping up their game by introducing new features and functions that make their monitors more than just mere displays.

HP Elite Slice Is HP’s Answer To The Mac Mini
The Mac Mini is probably one of the overlooked computers offered by Apple, probably because in terms of looks and features, there’s really nothing to shout about. However it is compact which means that it’s great to bring around with you, or move from room to room, or if you just want a computer in the living room.

HP Has Made A Laptop Screen That Protects You Against Spying
There are countless advantages of working on a laptop, portability being one of them, but there’s one issue that exists with just about every computer. You have no expectation of privacy if someone can just walk up right behind you and take a look at the screen. It’s another matter if you have your back to the wall and know that nobody can creep up on you, otherwise preventing over-the-shoulder […]

HP Unveils Omen X Gaming Desktop PC
Building your own gaming PC is usually the cheaper route, although we guess the only downside is that in terms of after-sales service you’re pretty much on your own. Another disadvantage is that sometimes PC makers have the resources to craft designs for their gaming rigs that most regular users won’t be able to replicate.

HP Updates Its Stream Line Of Notebooks
For those shopping about for an entry-level laptop, you guys could go for Chromebooks which for the most part, have been friendly on the bank account. However if Windows is what you’re after, HP might have the answer for you. The company has been putting out its Stream series of notebooks for years, and its lineup has recently been updated.

HP Unveils The Powerup Backpack That Can Charge Your Laptop
We’re not sure what is up with HP and backpacks these days, but it looks like the company has recently taken the wraps off their latest creation, the Powerup Backpack. On the surface the backpack doesn’t look like much and is pretty standard as far as backpacks are concerned, but hidden under the hood is where the magic is.

HP Launches Backpack That Charges Laptops
Wouldn’t it be great if you were carrying around your laptop in a backpack and knew that it was being charged while you were out and about? A solution like this would certainly be very useful for professionals and students alike who would like to be as mobile as possible while having the full power of a PC at their fingertips. HP saw the potential here and created a backpack […]

HTC And HP Could Soon Collab On Vive-Ready PCs
One of the problems with VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive is that it requires users to have a semi-powerful PC in order to run it. This might be an issue for some gamers who might not know what they need to get, but it looks like HTC and HP could soon help you make an informed decision.

HP's Windows 10 Mobile Powerhouse Starts Shipping August 29th
We first saw HP’s powerful Windows 10 Mobile handset at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year in February. The company didn’t confirm back then when this handset is going to be released. Recently the price for the HP Elite x3 was spotted on the company’s website but it was later pulled. HP has now confirmed how much this Windows 10 Mobile powerhouse is going to cost and when it’s […]