IKEA’s Remote Controlled Boats Will Help Keep Rivers Clean

Ideally, we should all be doing our part to keep our earth clean by not disposing of trash in places they do not belong, like in the river. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that not everyone feels that way, which is why more often than not, we find trash floating about in rivers which is not only unsightly but bad for the fishes and other creatures living in it.

Symfonisk Smart Speakers From Ikea And Sonos Arrive This August

Ikea and Sonos had announced a partnership on speakers back in 2017. The companies wanted to merge Sonos products into Ikea furniture and provide customers looking for built-in home sound systems with an affordable option. It has now been confirmed that their line of Symfonisk smart speakers is going to be released in August this year

IKEA’s Smart Blinds Will Launch Stateside April 1, 2019

Last week IKEA officially took the wraps off their upcoming smart blinds system. However the announcement at that time was for the European market which meant that it was unclear if there were plans to eventually bring it stateside. The good news is that IKEA has since confirmed with Fast Company that they do plan to launch it in the US and will be doing so on the 1st of […]

IKEA’s Smart Blinds Have Launched In Europe

IKEA’s interest in smart home devices isn’t a secret. The company has launched a variety of smart devices, such as smart plugs, smart lighting, and last year there were reports that IKEA was getting ready to launch their own smart blinds system as well. The good news for those who are looking for a somewhat affordable system, you’ll be pleased to learn that it has indeed launched.


IKEA’s Smart Plugs Now Available In The US & UK

Back in August it was reported that IKEA could be considering launching smart plugs. The premise for such devices is pretty straightforward, where you could plug in a regular household device and you will be able to control it through the smart plug, which would be accessible via mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet.

Xiaomi & IKEA Partner Up For More Smart Home Devices

For those living outside of Asia, you might be familiar with Xiaomi more as a phone brand, but the company does sell quite a lot of non-mobile devices. In fact the company actually has quite a few internet of things devices, like smart bulbs and the likes. Now it looks like the company is hoping to expand its portfolio by announcing a partnership with IKEA.

IKEA’s Smart Blinds Could Cost Around $113

IKEA has been expanding their lineup, and while the company is known for their affordable furniture, they have expanded their catalogue to include devices like smart light bulbs, smart speakers, and have also worked with Apple to dabble in the use of augmented reality to help market their furnitures.

IKEA Could Be Looking To Launch HomeKit Compatible Smart Plugs

Known for creating affordable and minimalistic furniture, IKEA has in recent times expanded on their offerings to keep up with the times. For example the company is now dabbling in smart speakers, and previously they also launched smart light bulbs that were compatible with Apple’s HomeKit platform.

IKEA Teases Symfonisk Smart Speaker In Collaboration With Sonos

IKEA, everyone’s favorite Swedish furniture maker, has been keeping up with the times in the past few years where they have been following certain tech trends and attempting to incorporate them into their lineup. For example we saw the company create wireless chargers and build them into furnitures, then we also saw IKEA launch their own series of smart light bulbs.

IKEA’s Tradfri Smart Bulbs Now Work With Google Assistant

Last year IKEA brought HomeKit support to its Tradfri smart bulbs which meant that connected devices using HomeKit could be linked together with the bulb, or users could also use the Home app to control it. However there was no mention of support for Google, at least until now where according to users on Reddit, support for Google Assistant has arrived.

IKEA Launches Their Own Bluetooth Speakers

IKEA is a company that many know for its affordable and minimalistic furniture. However in recent times the company has expanded its offerings and made them a bit more modern, such as introducing furniture with wireless charging and also smart lightbulbs. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that IKEA has since launched their own set of Bluetooth speakers.

Concept App Uses Augmented Reality To Help Assemble IKEA Furniture

With IKEA rolling out its Place app which uses augmented reality (AR) technology where users can place and adjust furniture in their homes virtually to get an idea of the look and feel, it is no doubt a game-changer when it comes to purchasing furniture in the future. However designer Adam Pickard thinks that this could be taken one step further.

IKEA’s AR ‘Place’ App Is Now Available On Android

When Apple announced ARKit, they also revealed that they had partnered up with several companies to create augmented reality (AR) apps such as IKEA where they launched their “Place” app for iOS devices. The app was initially exclusive to iOS devices but now it looks like it is available for Android devices as well.

IKEA Adds HomeKit Support For Its Tradfri Smart Bulbs

IKEA has definitely come a long way from being just a mere furniture maker. The company, probably best-known for its affordable home furnishings, has definitely been keeping up with the times and technology and have since expanded their offerings to include smart light bulbs which are cheaper than some of the competition out there.