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Microsoft Could Rebrand Internet Explorer
Microsoft is no stranger to rebranding exercises, as they have called the SkyDrive as OneDrive earlier this year, but then again, SkyDrive did not manage to make its way to the consciousness of the masses or a cultural impact as much as Internet Explorer has done so far. Hence, whispers of Microsoft rebranding Internet Explorer into something else has certainly raised eyebrows in and around the industry.

Microsoft To Support Latest Internet Explorer Versions In 2016
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer might still be dominating the worldwide browser market share at 58.38%, but it is a dominance that is slowly but surely shrinking. Having said that, it got to such a position in the first place because it happens to ship with every single Windows-powered computer, and this would also mean that many individuals and businesses would be running on an outdated version of Internet Explorer – simply […]

Internet Explorer Dominates Browser Market Share At 58.38%
While Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has always been thought of as a joke, Microsoft has made great strides in the past couple of years to help improve the browser, which by now is a pretty decent piece of software and a viable alternative to those who don’t know or don’t want to download a third-party one, like Chrome or Firefox.

Microsoft's Promotion Campaign For Internet Explorer Goes Wrong
There’s a joke that often goes around on the internet, that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is the browser most used by people to download other web browsers. The company has no doubted faced tough competition from the likes of Firefox and Chrome but it hasn’t given up on IE just yet. An agency Redmond tapped to promote the Internet Explorer browser messed up, leaving Microsoft executives to do damage control by distancing themselves […]


Internet Explorer Developer Channel Will Allow Use Of Xbox Controllers
Heads up developers, we know that Internet Explorer isn’t exactly the most beloved browser available in the market today, but at the same time Microsoft has made steps and changes that will alter our perception of that, and one of the things Microsoft has done recently is when they announced a developer version of the browser.Yup, you read that right, developers and enthusiasts who are interested in seeing the latest […]

Google's Browser Market Share Passes Microsoft In The US
We’re sure by now everyone probably knows how much of a joke the internet has turned Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser into, although to be fair they have made huge improvements over the years, but unfortunately it might be too little too late. According to recent findings from Adobe, it seems that Internet Explorer’s market share in the US has been on a downwards spiral, which has finally allowed Google Chrome […]

Internet Explorer 8 Zero-Day Exploit Still Not Patched
While Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser has seen its market share dip in recent years no thanks to the rise of other browsers such as Google’s Chrome, this does not mean that it has become insignificant. No sir, it still happens to be one of the world’s most used web browsers, at least according to the folks over at Net Applications. Such popularity also translates to another issue – if […]

Internet Explorer 11 Gains In Market Share
In the past, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has gotten a lot of flack over how slow it was compared to other browsers at that time. This has changed over the years as Microsoft worked to perfect the software. Unfortunately some of that stigma from before still remains but at the same time, it looks like Internet Explorer’s market share is slowly increasing as well.According to a recent report from Net […]

Microsoft Will Release Crucial Security Patch For Windows XP
We’ve covered the end of support for Windows XP in detail. The iconic iteration of Microsoft’s OS has been around for over a decade and still powers over 25 percent of all PCs in the world despite the fact that Microsoft has killed support for it. Recently the company issued a security warning for a vulnerability found in older versions of internet explorer. To plug it Microsoft is going to release […]

US And UK Government Warns Users To Stop Using IE Until Bug Is Fixed
A couple of days ago, Microsoft issued a warning regarding a security vulnerability in their Internet Explorer browser. This vulnerability affects several versions of the browser and also those running on Windows XP, which is no longer supported which makes things a little worse. The alternative is to use a different browser but it seems that for those who don’t think the issue is that bad, think again.The severity of […]

Microsoft Issues Warning Over Internet Explorer Security Vulnerability
In the past, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has gotten a ton of flack for being a lousy browser, although to Microsoft’s credit, they have managed to rework the browser to the point where it has actually become very usable, although they still have to compete with the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.That being said, it seems that there has been a security flaw discovered in older versions of […]

Internet Explorer 11 Is Number 2 Desktop Browser Used In The World
Microsoft did knock Netscape off from their pedestal, and they have remained at the top of the pack for the longest time already. Of course, over the course of time, there has been new challengers along the way such as Mozilla’s Firefox as well as Google’s Chrome web browsers. The very fact that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had managed to maintain its position at the top is because it comes pre-loaded […]

Internet Explorer 11 On Windows Phone 8.1 Spotted
Who uses Internet Explorer any more these days? All right, you need not answer this particular question since it is a rhetorical one, but it seems that Internet Explorer 11 has been allegedly teased in a video on a Windows Phone 8.1-powered device. It is said that Windows Phone 8.1 will offer a major improvement for Windows Phone owners, where it ought to be able to fix just about all […]

Microsoft's Anime-Inspired Internet Explorer Ad Is Fun To Watch
While Microsoft’s earlier Windows Phone ads were pretty hilarious, their recent ones weren’t that memorable, and while we’re not sure what their latest Internet Explorer ad has anything to do with the browser, at the very least it is fun to watch. Microsoft has recently debuted a new Internet Explorer ad and instead of going the typical tech-related ad style, Microsoft has opted for a short anime-styled ad to promote […]