iPad 2

Alleged iPad Air 2 Dummy Units Surface
The iPad Air was released in the later part of 2013 and assuming that Apple keeps to their schedule, we can look forward to a new iPad Air later on in the year as well. So how will the new iPad Air look like? Will it keep the same design as its predecessor? Well thanks to photos surfacing online, we now have a better look at the iPad Air 2’s […]

iPad 4 Rumored To Replace iPad 2 As Lower-Cost iPad
According to an earlier rumor, it has been suggested that Apple could be gearing up to release another variant of the iPhone 5c, except that this model will come with 8GB of storage which is even lower than the default storage from before which was at 16GB.We’re not sure why Apple would want to release an iPhone 5c with even less storage space, but chances are that it will be […]

iPad 2 Production Reportedly Nearing Its End
The iPad 2 is almost three years old, though it did become one of the most popular tablets that Apple has ever released. It was a major change over its predecessor, the original iPad, which came out back in 2010. iPad 2 brought a whole new design that wasn’t just thinner and lighter, but also packed a mean punch under the hood. However since then it has been succeeded by […]

iPad 2 Is Still Apple's Most Widely Used Tablet
The iPad 2 is Apple’s second-generation iPad and is currently two generations behind the latest iPad, although in less than a day it will be three generations behind. However it seems that despite the tablet being old, slower, and featuring a less-sharp display compared to the iPad 3 and 4, it remains the most popular iPad around. This is according to a recent study conducted by Localytics who has found […]


Trade In Your iPad 2, iPad 3 For At Least $200 At Best Buy This Weekend
Best Buy is offering at least $200 for a trade in of your iPad 2 or iPad 3 this weekend.

Refurbished iPad 2 And iPad 3 Prices Slashed By Apple
Apple has now slashed the prices of iPad 2 and iPad 3 models that it is officially selling on its online refurbished store. Such units can only be purchased online and won’t be found at any Apple Retail Stores. Prices have been slashed only for Wi-Fi plus Cellular and Wi-Fi plus 3G variants of these iPads.The 16GB iPad 2 WiFi plus 3G model retails for $529, on the online refurbished […]

7 Chinese Jailed In "Kidney For iPad" Trial
Last year, we wrote to you about a boy in China who carelessly sold his kidney in order to buy an iPad 2. With the 20,000 yuan, roughly $3,085, that he received from the illegal operation, the 17-year old boy spent the “dirty money” on an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4 – Apple’s hottest iDevices during that time. The boy eventually fell ill and the people involved in the […]

Apple rumored to phase out iPad 2 after iPad mini goes on sale
When Apple launched their new iPad (third gen), they kept the iPad 2 around as a cheaper alternative for those who didn’t really see the need for a new display or 4G LTE connectivity. Well if you’re still thinking about picking up that iPad 2, you best hurry as according to the rumors, it seems that Apple could be phasing out the iPad 2 once the iPad mini has been […]

Absinthe 2.0.4 released, fixes iPhone 4S jailbreak errors and comes with support for the new iPad 2
A few days ago, pod2g and his team released Absinthe 2.0 for the iOS world, providing iOS users an untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 5.1.1. However its launch was met with several problems that made the jailbreak tool unworkable for some. Well if you own the iPhone 4S and the new iPad 2, you will be pleased to learn that if you have been faced with jailbreak errors (i.e. lockdown […]

Chinese Teenager who Sold Kidney for iPad 2 is taken ill
Last year, a Chinese teenager desperate to buy an iPad 2 sold his kidney in Southern China to do so. Now, he has been reported to have renal deficiency which means that he is facing a life-threatening decrease in kidney function. Five people have been charged with intentional injury related to the operation to extract his kidney. The teenager who is only known as Wang said that he wanted to […]

Apple Reuse and Recycling program includes iPad 2 now
If you own an iPad 2 and cannot wait for March 16th to roll around so that you can wrap your hands around the new iPad, then you might be interested to know that you are able to free up more funds thanks to Apple’s Reuse and Recycling program that now includes trade-in values for the iPad 2. This program will exchange your old iPad 2 for Apple Store gift […]

Apple event round up: New iPad, Apple TV, iPad 2 price dropped
As with most of the other Apple events, it kicks off with even more impressive statistics concerning the company. After, Apple is now worth more than the entire country of Poland itself, surpassing the $500 billion mark in terms of stock value recently. Having said that, after sifting through the bunch of marketing and promotional speak, it is time to get down and dirty with the nitty gritty. Contrary to […]

Samsung launches new lawsuit against Apple in South Korea
Earlier on we reported that Apple supposedly was attempting to offer licensing deals to their Android competitors, namely Samsung and Motorola, both of whom are currently embroiled in a fierce legal battle over patent infringements, but it looks like either the deal wasn’t enticing enough, or Samsung didn’t receive the memo, but the company has recently filed a new lawsuit against Apple in South Korea.Once again we guess it shouldn’t […]

X-Doria: CampFire the outdoor case for your iPad 2
If you’re planning to take your iPad 2 with you on your next trip to the wilderness, you better be prepared with some sort of protection for the tablet. Well, X-Doria seems to have the perfect solution in the form of the CampFire. Called a custom sleeping bag case for your iPad 2, it works as both a protector and a stand. However, if you decide not to use it […]