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Woman Accused Of Remotely Wiping iPhone To Destroy Evidence
If you’ve ever lost an iOS device or had it stolen, then you might be familiar with the Find My iPhone feature that lets you either remotely lock your device, locate it, or remotely wipe it. This is useful if you don’t want people to know what’s on your device and if you want to lock it to prevent people from reselling it.

Apple Launches Repair Program For iPhone X, 13-inch MacBook Pro
Sometimes devices break down and encounter issues due to faulty components. Unfortunately for iPhone X and 13-inch non-Touch Bar MacBook Pros, it seems that there are enough issues that have been reported for Apple to officially announce and launch a free repair program for affected customers.

iPhone X Gets Apple's Processor Throttling Feature
Apple calls it a feature, one that it was recently fined millions of dollars in Italy for. The company acknowledged it as such after reports revealed that the company’s older handsets would throttle processors. Some felt Apple was doing this to push customers to upgrade to a newer model but it had a different explanation. This functionality has now been added to the iPhone X and other models from last […]

First Week iPhone Xs, Xs Max Sales Reportedly Better Than iPhone X
Usually whenever Apple introduces a new iPhone design, customers go crazy for them and we see sales spike. However last year with the iPhone X, while the phone didn’t flop, it wasn’t exactly the resounding success that Apple had hoped. However it seems that maybe this year’s iPhones are telling a different story.


Test Compares LTE Speeds Between The iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max
There have been reports that suggests that Apple’s new iPhones will feature faster LTE speeds thanks to the use of new radios which will help the new iPhones get as much out of their connection as possible. For those who actually want to see those speeds themselves, the folks at iClarified have put together a video that shows the new iPhones in action.

Test Finds That iPhone X Beats iPhone Xs, Xs Max In Battery Life
As we have seen for most smartphones, with every new generation, there will also be improvements made to battery life. In the case of Apple’s new iPhones, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, Apple basically touted an extra 30 minutes of battery life that users could squeeze out of their phones.

More Tests Confirm iPhone Xs Supports Faster WiFi & LTE Speeds
When we shop for a new smartphone, we look at the size of its display, resolution, processor, RAM, camera, and so on. Most of the time we take it for granted that WiFi and LTE connectivity options are provided, although that being said, it should be pointed out that not all WiFi and LTE connections were made equal, and that hardware can affect things like speed.

Some iPhone X Cases Might Not Work With The iPhone Xs
In terms of design, the iPhone Xs looks more or less like its predecessor from last year, the iPhone X. It features a similar design, a screen with exactly the same dimensions, and a dual camera setup on the back. This means that technically you should be able to use cases for the iPhone X with the iPhone Xs.

iPhone Xs LTE Speed Test Reveals Huge Improvements Over iPhone X
When the new iPhones were announced, Apple touted a bunch of new features and improvements that they were making to the phones. However they did not cover everything since it would take too much time, and one of those improvements they did not cover was improvements to LTE speeds.

63 Million iPhone X Handsets Have Been Sold To Date
Apple’s iPhone 6 lineup was one of the company’s best-selling handsets in recent years. The iPhone 6 managed to sell 60 million units in six months, and in less than a year managed to ship 90 million units. According to data from Counterpoint Research (via PhoneArena), the iPhone X seems to be lagging behind.

MediaTek Has Plans For A Low-Cost Face Unlocking System
Facial recognition tools aren’t exactly new, and in the past we have seen how Android has attempted to incorporate it as a security feature. However it’s safe to say that no one has really achieved the same level of success as Apple has with Face ID, but MediaTek is hoping to change that.

2018 iPhone X May Be More Technologically Advanced Than Rivals
Apple recently confirmed that it’s going to conduct a press event on September 12th. It hasn’t said what we will be treated to at the event but if history is any indication, Apple will launch new iPhones on that day. Reports suggest that the company will be launching as many as three new iPhone models. The 2018 iPhone X will reportedly be more technologically advanced than its rivals and would […]

Apple Confirms 2018 iPhone Event For September 12th
There has been a lot of speculation about the 2018 iPhone lineup so far and while Apple hasn’t commented on any of that, it has confirmed today when it’s going to launch the devices. The company has just sent invites to the press confirming that its 2018 iPhone event is going to take place on September 12th.

Apple To Launch Three iPhones, New Watch With Larger Display This Year
Apple tends to launch new hardware in September and we’re just days away from the month. There has been a steady stream of rumors about the new iPhones that the company is expected to launch this year. A new report today claims that not only is Apple is going to launch three new iPhones in 2019 but it will also launch a new Apple Watch with a larger display.