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Potential Pricing For Apple’s iPhone 12 Lineup Leaked
Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup will be announced next week. We don’t know how much the phones will be priced, but given that Apple has been steadily increasing the prices of its iPhones over the years, there are some who might be a bit concerned that this year’s models could be expensive as well.

This Is How Fast We Can Expect The iPhone 12 To Perform
Apple’s iPhone 12 has yet to be released or announced even, but we already know how well it could perform. This is thanks to Apple introducing the A14 chipset in the iPad Air which is also expected to find its way into the company’s iPhone 12 lineup. Assuming the benchmarks are accurate, here’s what we can expect.

The iPhone Notch Won’t Be Going Away Anytime Soon
According to the rumors, it was suggested that come 2021, the iPhone 13 could see Apple ditch the notch for good. Unfortunately, that may no longer be the case. In a tweet by Ice Universe (who has proven to be pretty reliable in the past), Apple is still expected to continue using the notched design for its 2021 iPhones.

Could Apple’s iPhone Event Invite Hint At The AirTags's Launch?
According to the rumors, Apple is said to be working on a new accessory called the AirTags. For those unfamiliar, this is basically a tracking accessory similar to the Tile tracking accessory where users can put them in bags, wallets, hang off their keychains, and more. Apple has yet to officially announce anything, but could they be hinting at it?


Apple Confirms iPhone Event For October 13
The rumors have been suggesting that Apple could hold an event next week where they will announce their new iPhones. It turns out the rumors were right because Apple has since sent out invites to an event that they will be hosting on the 13th of October which they have titled, “Hi, Speed”.

Apple’s Foldable iPhone Could Have A Self-Healing Display
The problem with foldable phones right now is that in order to get the display to bend and fold in such a manner, companies turn to the use of plastic-based screens. The obvious downside is that this is clearly less durable compared to glass, but the flexibility is what allows them to achieve a foldable design.

Interesting Survey Suggests That Apparently Apple Users Don’t Care That Much About 5G
One of the upcoming features of the iPhone 12 is that it will support 5G connectivity. Some analysts believe that this could be a huge deal for Apple and could help boost iPhone sales. However, interestingly enough, a survey conducted by Decluttr has found that maybe Apple users care less about 5G than we think.

Apple Could Turn To Hydrogen Fuel Cells To Power Future iPhones And MacBooks
One of the drawbacks of current battery technology in our electronics is that they don’t last very long. Our smartphones and laptops barely get a day’s worth of battery, or even less if you’re a power user. Stuffing larger batteries inside them could fix the problem, but it’s not necessarily a long-term solution.

Lasers Could Help Future iPhones Detect Poisonous Gases And Air Quality
A lot of us probably take the air around us for granted, but if you’ve ever lived in a place with heavy pollution, or even more recently near an area affected by the wildfires, you know that the quality of the air we breathe is of the utmost importance. However, it wouldn’t be practical or even possible to bring around a device that can constantly monitor the air around us.

iOS 14.2 Hints At Lack Of EarPods With The iPhone 12
One of the rumors surrounding the upcoming iPhone 12 is that Apple might not be including accessories with the smartphone. We expect that the iPhone 12 will still come with a charging cable, but the rumors are claiming that the iPhone 12 might ditch the power adapter and also the bundled EarPods.

This Workaround Lets You Play Stadia On Your iPhone
It was only until recently that Apple finally allowed game streaming services to arrive on its platform, although even now there is still a catch. We imagine that eventually we will start seeing more services arrive for the iPhone and iPad, but in case you can’t wait or if you’re unsure, it seems that there is a workaround for the iPhone.

iPhone 12 Pro Models Will Have A Higher Base Storage
These days, most phones come with at least 128GB of storage. For some reason, Apple’s 2019 iPhone 11 series came with 64GB of base storage, which presumably is a way for Apple to either make the phone more affordable, or force customers to opt for the more expensive 256GB model.

A Bunch Of Companies Banded Together To Fight Against Apple’s App Store
While there are millions of apps in Apple’s App Store, suggesting that many are flocking to Apple’s distribution platform, it was never always a smooth sailing experience. So much so that it seems that a bunch of companies that Apple might have “wronged” in the past have banded together to form what they are calling the Coalition for App Fairness.

British Carrier Suggests iPhone 12 Launch Could Take Place In October
A popular rumor is suggesting that Apple’s iPhone 12 event could take place in October. As we are approaching the end of September and there is still no official word from Apple just yet, it’s safe to assume that October seems like the most likely candidate. Now it looks like those rumors have been “confirmed”.