Image credit – Martin Hajek

Apple’s HomePod will be released on the 9th of February, and we’re sure that there are probably some who are wondering if perhaps in the future, Apple could be releasing variants of the HomePod. Given that Google has the Home, Home Mini, and Home Max, and Amazon has a slew of Echo variants, it wouldn’t really come as a surprise.

That being said, it seems that designer designer Martin Hajek has decided to come up with several renders of what he imagines future HomePod devices could look like. As you can see in the render above, it shows off the HomePod along with a larger HomePod+ and a smaller HomePod Express.

The HomePod+ is pretty much a bigger version of the HomePod, but what’s interesting is the design for the HomePod Express, in which Hajek imagines that it could be outfitted with the iPod’s iconic click wheel. This means that controlling the HomePod’s volume, pause and play functionality will be similar to that of the iPod from back in the day.

Of course it seems unlikely that this is something that Apple will be adopting so it’s probably just wishful thinking on our part, although it is a pretty clever idea. That being said, the HomePod seems to be pretty well-received so far, with early previews heaping praise onto the speaker’s sound quality. Over in the UK it also seems that demand could be outpacing supply as shipping estimates have started to slip.

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