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The ‘Today’ Clock Will Help You Feel Like You Have More Time
Clocks are meant to tell the time, and it’s really as simple as that. However some people think that maybe clocks can do more than that, which is why Scott Thrift has launched a Kickstarter for a clock that he’s calling the “Today”. According to Thrift, the goal of the Today clock is to help people feel like they have more time.

Fable Legends Not Happening But A Fable Digital Card Game Is Being Developed
You might have heard last month that Lionhead studios was officially shut down by Microsoft. The studio was working on the Fable Legends game prior to its closure and now that game won’t be coming out. Fable Legends might not be happening anymore but a group of developers who previously worked at Lionhead are developing a new digital card game called Fable Fortune.

Wake Up To The Smell Of Coffee With The Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock
For coffee lovers out there, you know that just the smell of coffee brewing or beans roasting is almost as good as drinking the drink itself. This is why back in 2014, designer Joshua Renouf decided to create a device he called the Barisieur, which is basically an alarm clock that will begin brewing coffee to help get you ready for your day when you wake up.

These Smart Glasses Are What The US Olympic Cycling Team Uses
Given the competitive nature of sports, it is natural that athletes are always trying to look for (legal) advantages that would give them the edge over another athlete. Now if you are particularly competitive and you enjoy cycling, you might be interested in these pair of smart glasses called the Solos.


This Smartphone Tripod Is Slim Enough To Fit In Your Wallet
Looking to take a photo or a video with your smartphone but you need a stable surface? Sure, you could always prop your phone up, but sometimes it’s not exactly convenient or practical, plus propping it straight up can also sometimes be a bit tricky. Carrying a tripod doesn’t make sense either as it would be too bulky, or will it?

Wooting One Analog Mechanical Keyboard Now On Kickstarter
Earlier this year we reported on a mechanical keyboard called the Wooting One. Mechanical keyboards are a dime a dozen but what makes the Wooting One so special is that it is an analog mechanical keyboard, and will come with features that will separate itself from the other keyboards out there. The good news is that it is now on Kickstarter seeking funding.

Gululu Is An Interactive Bottle That Encourages Kids To Stay Hydrated
Have we as a society come to the point where we need hi-tech solutions just to motivate us to do tasks that are essential to our survival, like drinking water? We have seen various smart water bottles in the past, but it looks like the latest comes in the form of the Gululu which is meant to appeal to kids and encourage them to stay hydrated.

Holo Cardboard Makes A Holographic Projector Out Of Your Smartphone
Now here is a Kickstarter project that you might be interested in checking out – the Holo Cardboard. What makes the Holo Cardboard so special from the rest of the other items that are already in the market? For starters, the Holo Cardboard happens to be a combination of high-density cardboard as well as transparent three-side plastic pyramid, which in turn houses your smartphone.

Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2 And Pebble Core Announced
We reported yesterday that Pebble was counting down to an announcement due today and it was expected that the company would unveil new devices, which is what it has done. Pebble has announced the Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core wearable devices today. Like its previous products, they are being launched through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter as well.

Stick-On Lenses Will Turn Your Smartphone Into A Microscope
Our smartphones are amazing tools and can be used for all kinds of things. But what if you needed a microscope in a pinch, could your smartphone do it? We suppose macro will only get you so far, but now thanks to these stick-on lenses called BLIPS, they will turn your smartphone into a microscope for a small price.

Pebble Time Gets GPS Thanks To This ‘Smart Strap’
Some of us want a smartwatch so that we can receive notifications on our wrists, reply messages and emails, and track our health like our heart rate. However some of us want wearables to show where they’ve been, or to show how far they’ve run and where they’ve run, and in these instances, a wearable with built-in GPS is necessary.

This Device Will Turn Any Surface Into A Smart Surface
These days there seems to be an abundance in devices that wants to turn your surface into more than just a surface. While a table might be good for books, computers, plates, and etc., we have noticed that there are efforts to make surfaces “smarter”, like turning it into a touchscreen, or turning it into a keyboard.

The Bike Mine Is One Heck Of A Thief Deterrent
Gone are the simpler days when one could leave their bike out and not have it stolen. In fact these days thieves are becoming more desperate to the point where hi-tech bike locks have to be invented in order to ensure our mode of transport isn’t stolen and ridden off in the middle of the night.

These Diving Fins Are Inspired By Ski Boots
Have you ever been diving? If you have, you know that putting on your diving fins can be a huge pain simply because they are so incredibly difficult to put on. They also make it incredibly difficult to walk around which is not fun when you have a heavy oxygen tank and all your gear strapped to your back.