basslet_03[CES 2017] When people describe the bass that they hear in music, their descriptions tend to make it sound like the bass has affected them physically, like they can feel the bass in their bones, or feel their whole body vibrating, and so on. That’s pretty much the concept that the wearable subwoofer Basslet is trying to go for.

Launched as a Kickstarter project back in 2016, its creators have announced at CES 2017 that the device will be going on sale in the US come 7th of February, 2017 where it will retail for $200. As you can see in the photos, the Basslet is basically a tiny black box that you strap to your wrist, and it is meant to sync with your music and deliver the bass directly onto your body so that you can “feel” it.

While we can’t speak to the experience, Stan Schroeder of Mashable claims that the feeling is pretty accurate and does not lag behind the music, so we guess this is something you’ll have to try yourself to decide if it is for you. For those thinking it’s rather gimmicky, that might not necessarily be the case.

According to its creators, a German company called Lofelt, one of the top-five car manufacturers has actually decided to test the company’s Lo Sound engine technology in their concept car cockpits. The idea is that this technology could be used to warn drivers of wrong turns, or letting them brake at the right moment, and so on. If you’re interested you’ll be able to pre-order it now via its website.

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