wwdc-2015While it used to be that Apple would announce new hardware at their WWDC events, things have changed and now WWDC is more focused towards new software, services, and unveiling new tools that developers can use to help create better apps for the OS X and iOS platforms.

That being said with WWDC 2015 kicking off this year starting from the 8th of June which is next Monday, what can we expect to hear from Apple in terms of announcements? Below is a list of possibilities, but it should be noted that since Apple is notorious for keeping mum until the official announcement, the list is merely speculation based on rumors and the history of Apple’s behavior over the years.

iOS 9

Starting things off would be the obvious: iOS 9. Oddly enough this year the rumors surrounding iOS 9 were considerably less frantic than those surrounding iOS 7. This isn’t to say that Apple won’t debut iOS 9, but perhaps its features and improvements will be more under the hood than aesthetics.

Map App

We have heard how Apple will be making some major changes to its Maps app where it could potentially arrive with transit directions, a feature that many have been asking for. In fact it was supposed to launch in 2014 with iOS 8 but that did not happen, leading many to believe it could debut this year.

Home App

The Home app is also rumored to make its debut. The app in question is one that allows users to set up new smart home products and group them according to their location, thus giving users a centralized app in which they can control their smart home appliances. Siri is also expected to receive some changes in the form of a new look that puts it in line with the Apple Watch version.


There has also been talk about how iOS 9 will finally introduce split-screen multitasking to the iPad. This was also a feature that was rumored for iOS 8 but apparently it was not up to scratch so it’s safe to assume that it could now be ready for iOS 9. This was something that Samsung introduced back in 2012 with the Galaxy Note 10.1 and it is also something Google has recently brought to Android tablets with Android M.

Apple Music

Ever since Apple misjudged the music streaming market with iTunes Radio, they have since moved on to acquire Beats and along with the acquisition, Beats Music. However Apple was not planning on keeping the service around as it is and there were rumors that the company was planning on relaunching a new music streaming service.

That service has been rumored to be called Apple Music and last we heard, it could cost $10 a month. This is obviously not the cutthroat price that Apple had initially wanted in order to give it an edge over the competition, but it does put it in the same price range as other services so hopefully it won’t put customers off.

Apple Music is rumored to give artists more control over what they can share with their fans. Instead of just offering music, it will allow artists to share photos, videos, sample tracks, and even provide updates on upcoming concerts. They will also be able to share the works of other artists to help foster collaboration.

There have also been talks that Apple is looking to spice up its internet radio service by hiring celebrity DJs. It is unclear as to what will happen to Beats Music and iTunes Radio as a result of this new service.

Apple TV, Web TV Streaming Service

It has been a while since Apple has truly introduced anything new to the Apple TV. However the rumors are claiming that there will be a new Apple TV with upgraded hardware and a new remote design. It is also said that Siri could be introduced to the device thus allowing users to control their Apple TV using their voice, something that the Amazon Fire TV originally brought to the table.

Now it seems that Apple will not only be giving the Apple TV new hardware, but they are also expected to introduce new services and content. The Cupertino company is rumored to bring content from the likes of ABC, CBS, Fox, Discovery, and Viacom onto its new service which is interesting as these channels have typically stayed away from online streaming services.

That and the rumored inclusion of local TV services could be one of the ways the new Apple TV and its services distinguishes itself from the competition. That being said a recent rumor has suggested that because Apple has yet to lockdown deals with all their potential partners that the service could be delayed to late 2015 or possibly even 2016.


Oddly enough there has not been much information with regards to Apple’s next-gen OS X platform. Typically the Cupertino company has announced major updates to its OS X operating system on an annual basis but this year there has been little to no information regarding it.

This isn’t to say that Apple has no plans for OS X this year, but it could be that it might not necessarily be a very big update or that Apple will make an announcement in the later part of the year, or maybe Apple plans on keeping OS X Yosemite around a bit longer than usual.


In conclusion these are some of the things we expect Apple to announce at WWDC 2015. It is subject to change as none of this is official information yet. Apple could also surprise us all with a hardware announcement (although it seems unlikely) so the best way to find out is to check back with us next week for all the details.

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