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New Detective Pikachu Game Announced For Nintendo Switch
If you’ve enjoyed the Detective Pikachu game on the Nintendo 3DS handheld console, then you might be interested to learn that The Pokemon Company has since announced that they will be released a new follow-up game that will be launching on the Nintendo Switch. Details are scarce at the moment, but it is expected to offer up some kind of conclusion to the story of the first game.

Pokemon Home Cloud Service Lets You Transfer Pokemon Across Devices
It used to be that Pokemon would be stored locally on your DS console and while it gets the job done, it makes it a bit hard to transfer from console to console. Especially in this day and age where we’re starting to see the more modern Pokemon titles support multiple devices. Now it seems that Game Freak, the developer behind the Pokemon games, has announced a new cloud storage […]

Pokemon Sleep Will Let You ‘Play’ By Sleeping
One of the features of Pokemon Go is that it encourages players to walk. By walking, players will be able to reach new locations where there are raids occurring and where they might find new Pokemon. Walking also helps to hatch eggs where players need to walk certain distances in order to hatch them.

Detective Pikachu Could Be The Most Successful Video Game Movie Ever
Movies that are based on video games tend to do rather poorly. This is despite the fact that the games themselves have a rich storyline and lore to pull from, and despite how a lot of these movies can sometimes feature a star-studded cast. However, it seems that Detective Pikachu could be breaking those perceptions.


Adults Who Played Pokemon As Kids Have A ‘Pokemon Region’ In Their Brain
There is a reason why when growing up, there is a lot of emphasis placed on the kind of music we listen to, the books we read, and the shows we watch. These are meant to aid in the development of the brains of kids as they grow up. Now in an interesting study published in the Nature Human Behavior journal, it has been found that adults who played Pokemon […]

Detective Pikachu Producer Interested In Creating A Pokemon Cinematic Universe
The Detective Pikachu movie will be coming out soon and while many were a little perturbed by the idea of a live-action Pokemon movie, the trailers actually look pretty good. Combine that with Ryan Reynolds’ sense of humor and it feels like they might have a hit on their hands. The good news is that it seems that Detective Pikachu could be the start of something much bigger.

Pokemon GO Has Made $2.45 Billion In Revenue To Date
Despite having been around for the past few years, it seems that Niantic’s Pokemon GO is still doing very well.  This is according to data from Sensor Tower (via Variety) who has revealed that the game has managed to earn the company a whopping $2.45 billion to date, not bad for a game that is several years old.

Pokémon Sword and Shield For The Nintendo Switch Announced
Last year Nintendo released a couple of new Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch, but for the most part they felt like a remake of older (read classic) Pokemon games, such as Pokemon Yellow. For fans who are hankering for a brand new Pokemon, Nintendo stated that such a game would be launching in 2019.

Ryan Reynolds Shows Us How He Became Detective Pikachu
It’s safe to say that when it was announced that Ryan Reynolds would be voicing the character of Pikachu in the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie, many were skeptical. However upon the release of the movie’s trailer, it soon became apparent that Reynolds has somehow managed to make the character his.

Niantic Will Soon Let Players Change Pokemon GO Teams, For A Price
Just like with many games that you’re playing for the first time ever, choosing a race, a class, skills, professions, and so on can be a bit confusing and sometimes even intimidating. More often than not, players usually end up regretting some of their choices later on when they gain a bit more experience, and usually, this means rerolling their character.

Detective Pikachu Movie Sequel Has Apparently Been Greenlit
When it was announced that a live-action Detective Pikachu movie was in the works, it raised quite a few eyebrows since a live-action movie with Pokemon did seem a bit weird. It was later made weirder when it was announced that Pikachu would be talking, and that Ryan Reynolds would be the one behind the voice.

Blizzard Had At One Point In Time Worked On A Pokemon-Like Diablo Game
Many fans were livid when Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal which was essentially a mobile version of Diablo. However it seems that back in the day, Blizzard, or to be more specific, Blizzard North, toyed with the idea of creating a Pokemon-like Diablo game for handheld consoles like the Game Boy.

Niantic’s Pokemon GO Has Made Almost $800 Million To Date
Pokemon GO was extremely popular when it was launched and it’s not hard to see why. This is because the game is based on the Pokemon franchise which is popular in its own right, plus it leveraged the use of augmented reality technology which gave it a bit of a novelty factor. However with Niantic delaying some of the more in-demand features for so long, we’re sure some probably wondered […]

Original Pokemon Movie To Get A CGI Remake
The original Pokemon movie holds a very special place in the hearts of many a gamer. Dubbed Pokémon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back, it was originally released back in 1998 which means that it has been about 20 years since. The good news is that if you were thinking of rewatching it again, maybe consider waiting because it looks like a CGI remake is in the works.