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Pi-Top A 3D Printable Raspberry Pi Laptop
When it comes to the relatively successful Raspberry Pi, this small and inexpensive computer is tiny enough to slide into any pocket, but it is far from being mobile enough for everyday portability. After all, this $35 computer does not come with its keyboard, display or battery, as you will need to provide those yourself. Fret not, why not print out all of the relevant parts? This is what the […]

Raspberry Pi Gets A Hardware Revision
If you’re a fan of the barebones Raspberry Pi computer then the latest announcement from its creators is going to be of interest to you. They have unveiled the “final evolution of the original Raspberry Pi” today. Bear in mind that it doesn’t carry the Raspberry Pi 2 moniker instead it’s merely a revised version of the current Model B. The team has often talked about doing more than one […]

Dicebot Will Remotely Roll A Pair of Dice For You
There are apps on your smartphone that allows you to generate numbers randomly. This can be used when trying to make a decision, or in roleplaying games, or if you just want to gamble. However if you’d prefer the novelty of a robot rolling a pair of dice for you, you might be interested in checking out the Dicebot.The Dicebot was created by Intridia, an online and mobile application developer. […]

The Kano Kit Will Teach Children How To Build Their Own Computers
Putting together your own computer might seem like a daunting task, especially when you have so many parts to choose from, and when you’re not sure what each part does and what do all those numbers mean. We suppose had we been taught at a young age how to piece together our own computer, it might not be an issue today, and that’s what the Kano aims to do.Debuting at […]


Banana Pi Is A $57 Raspberry Pi Clone
I am quite sure that many of us have heard about Raspberry Pi, the tiny single board computer module that has made it possible to come up with some zany computing solutions. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, here we are with the Banana Pi, a $57 clone of the Raspberry Pi. The Banana Pi sports a 1GHz Allwinner A20 dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor, while sporting double the […]

Raspberry Pi Compute Module Introduced
Much has been talked about concerning the highly affordable Raspberry Pi, and here we are with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module being introduced to the masses. The main role of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module is to target hobbyists who want to incorporate the Raspberry Pi as the core of their own printed circuit boards, where the Compute Module functions as the brains of the Pi, considering how it is […]

See Quake III Played On A Raspberry Pi
I remember when Quake III was first released, and back then 17” monitors were the norm, and playing it on a 19” monitor blew my mind away with the Riva TNT2 GPU, as I zipped through The Longest Yard at high resolution without missing a beat. It is then pretty difficult to believe how far computing power has come these days, with an example of Quake III running on a […]

Raspberry Pi HDMI Input Capability Via Kickstarter Project
The Raspberry Pi has proven itself to be an interesting computing device that does not cost more than a posh meal at a Michelin starred restaurant, and yet it is full well capable of delivering a decent entry level computing experience for those who have the technical know how of fixing it up. In the past, we have seen various upgrades introduced to the Raspberry Pi, where the most recent […]

Raspberry Pi Add-On Sound Card
As it stands, the Raspberry Pi is more than capable of audio output using its HDMI port, but it is always nice to have additional flexibility as part of the mix, especially if you are an avid DIY enthusiast. This is one particular reason that Element 14 has decided to team up with Wolfson Audio in order to roll out an official add-on sound card for the Raspberry Pi. This […]

Raspberry Pi Sales Cross 2 Million
Miniature hobbyist computer Raspberry Pi has made quite a name for itself, its sales figures can certainly substantiate that. It is manufactured by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the UK, though initially production took place in China, which has announced that it has sold over 2 million units around the globe. Raspberry Pi has achieved its second million milestone in just a touch under ten months, whereas it took it […]

PiePal Orders You Domino's Pizza With A Touch Of A Button
Ordering pizza can be a terrible ordeal, especially if you happen to hate to talk to anyone on the phone. Sure – you could use GrubHub or similar services, but sometimes, you just need the convenience of being able to push a button in order for a fresh pizza pie to be at your door in no time. And that’s exactly why PiePal was created.

Raspberry Pi NoIR, An Infrared Camera
Assuming you happen to be a Raspberry Pi owner, here is some bit of news that you might be interested in. After all, we have already seen a fair amount of creative uses of the Raspberry Pi in various situations, and for those of you who have always had the mind to make use of the device’s camera board when it comes to low light or night time photography, then […]

DukePad Is Powered By The Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi, when it first hit the market, definitely made a case for itself as being an inexpensive piece of computing that hobbyists would definitely find it to be fun tinkering around with. After all, $35 will not net you much these days, but with the Raspberry Pi, you end up with a processor, memory, input and output, and a memory card slot, now how about that? Here we […]

Google Coder Allows You To Build Raspberry Pi Apps In A Browser
We have seen our fair share of projects that have involved the super small Raspberry Pi computer, and most of these are just pure genius in nature. There is always the line that we would like to cross from time to time, pushing the boundaries to explore new possibilities, and while it is theoretically possible to transform a Raspberry Pi into a web server, the real truth is, it ain’t […]

Babbage Pi-Powered Teddy Bear Takes To The Skies
What did you think of the movie “Ted”? I know that some parents actually thought that this was a movie that they could treat their little ones to, only to find out that the teddy bear is nothing like what they originally envisaged, being foul mouthed and all. Well, what you see above is a giant leap not only for mankind, but for teddy bears all over the world – […]

Microwave Controlled By Raspberry Pi Hack
Fancy controlling your microwave remotely using a Raspberry Pi-powered device? That is now possible with a hack.

Raspberry Pi Used To Unlock Door By Hearing A Dog's Bark [Video]
A Raspberry Pi owner used it to unlock a door simply by hearing his dog bark.

Rapiro Robot Kit
The Rapiro Robot Kit lets you have a little assistant follow you around the home.

Learning Computer Science With The Raspberry Pi: Interview With Feynlabs's Ajit Jaokar
Editor’s note: Ajit Jaokar is the co-founder of Feynlabs, an initiative to teach the concepts of programming languages to kids (as opposed to a specific programming language).Muriel Devillers: What is feynabs?Ajit Jaokar: Feynlabs is the first initiative to teach the concepts of programming languages to kids (as opposed to a specific programming language). By abstracting the common elements of programming languages, our aim is to enable learners to rapidly learn […]

Ben Heck’s Take On The Raspberry Pi
Ben Heck has created a handheld game console with the Raspberry Pi running at its core.