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Redditor Gets Bill Gates As Her Secret Santa
If you were to participate in a worldwide Secret Santa event, who would you think your secret Santa is? There are many possibilities, but there’s a good chance that Redditor Aerrix did not expect it when a mysterious package showed up at her home, only for her to open it and find out that her secret Santa was none other than Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates.

Reddit’s CEO Admits He Edited Posts That Criticized Him
Being the CEO of a massive forum such as Reddit means that you hold an incredible amount of power over what is posted on the platform. Typically as long as a post is made within the guidelines of the community, it is largely left alone, but it seems that Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman landed himself in a bit of trouble by crossing that line.

Official Reddit App Now Supports The iPad
For the longest time ever, Reddit did not have an app of their own. It was only in 2014 that they acquired Alien Blue, one of the more popular unofficial Reddit apps available out there, thus making it sort of official. However it took the company an additional 2 years before an official Reddit app was launch.

Elon Musk Reddit AMA Will Be All About SpaceX
Elon Musk does many things, but if you’re looking forward to asking him some questions, you will have to keep them limited to his vision for SpaceX. Musk is going to be hosting an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit later today. The Q&A will be hosted on the SpaceX subreddit so that there’s no confusion about the topic. The subreddit’s moderators have made it clear that Musk will only […]


Reddit Refuses To Disclose IP Address Of Music Leaker
Several months ago, a track from the Suicide Squad soundtrack was leaked online. The track in question was called “Heathens” and was performed and recorded by the band, Twenty One Pilots. It was uploaded onto a file-hosting website and its link was shared on Reddit, thus allowing users to download the song for free (illegally).

Your Democratic Presidential Candidates Will Answer Your Questions On Quora
You might have heard that the Republican candidate for president Mr. Donald J. Trump recently conducted an Ask-Me-Anything or AMA session on Reddit in which he answered a dozen questions while the moderators banned some 2,000 accounts. Your Democratic presidential candidates are willing to answer your questions online but they are taking a slightly different approach. Hillary Clinton and her VP pick Tim Kaine will be doing a group Q&Q […]

Reddit Will Let Marketers Sponsor Posts By Users
The next time you post something to Reddit, there is a chance that it could be used for a marketing campaign. Just like how we see marketers rely on social media personalities on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to promote and market a product/service, it seems that Redditors could soon be part of that narrative as well.

Donald Trump AMA Scheduled For This Wednesday
Have you ever wanted to get in touch with The Donald? You’ll get your chance this Wednesday as the Republican presidential nominee is going to be hosting an Ask-Me-Anything session on Reddit. It’s going to be very interesting to say the at least, not to mention the fact that the AMA has been scheduled around the same time that things start picking up at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Reddit Starts Beta Testing Their Own Image Hosting Service
For the longest time ever, Reddit and Imgur have had an informal partnership of sorts, in which many image-related posts on Reddit were uploaded onto Imgur and users could link to Imgur directly from their titles alone. However it looks like that will change in the future as Reddit has finally announced their own image hosting service.

Reddit Threads Can Now Be Embedded In Other Websites
[photos] Redscarf and GMK in the grass. from MechanicalKeyboardsHave you ever wanted to share a Reddit thread on your website? In the past the best you could do was create a screenshot of the thread and its relevant comments, or maybe even provide a link to it. However if you wanted users to stay on your website while browsing the thread in question, they now can.

Official Reddit App Released For iOS And Android
Yesterday we brought word that the official Reddit app would be released soon, and it looks like we did not have to wait too long. For those who are itching to get their hands on the app, it seems that it has already been launched and is currently available for both iOS and Android devices, although at this time of writing it seems that the app’s availability seems to be […]

Reddit Launches Block Tools To Counter Harassment
Online harassment from other parties is nothing new among the connected folk, but this does not mean that nothing should be done about the situation. In fact, Reddit has just rolled out new block tools that will hopefully be able to temper harassment.

Official Reddit App For iOS And Android Coming Soon
For the longest time ever, Reddit did not have an official app for smartphones. The closest we got to an official app was when Reddit acquired Alien Blue and made the third-party app an unofficial “official” app, but even then the app was limited to iOS devices. Last year Reddit announced that they were developing an official app for Android, and it looks like it could released soon.

Man Spends 4 Years Creating Reddit For The Year 3016
Reddit is a fun way to spend your time online. The various subreddits and the fact that it has topics for just about everything and anything means that you will be able to find something that appeals to you. However in a 1,000 years, could you imagine what Reddit might look like, or the kind of topics we might talk about?