Google Lists Devices That Have Google Home Support

While smart and connected household appliances and gadgets aren’t new, there was one problem and that is uniting all of them under a single hub. Given that there are so many different manufacturers, it wouldn’t make sense for all of them to start making their own hubs as it would lead to an insane amount of fragmentation.

iOS 11.2 Beta Reveals ‘SiriKit’ For Apple’s HomePod

With companies like Amazon and Google launching smart speakers with their own digital assistants baked into them, it hardly came as a surprise to see Apple launch a similar product of their own. Earlier this year during WWDC, Apple announced that they would be launching a smart speaker with Siri called HomePod.

Ultimate Ears BLAST & MEGABLAST Alexa-Powered Speakers Announced

If there is one reason Amazon’s Alexa has made so much headway compared to the competition from the likes of Apple or Google, it is because pretty much right from the start, Amazon made Alexa open to third-party developers and manufacturers, thus allowing many to take advantage of Alexa’s features from the get-go.

‘Find My Phone’ Command Now Works With Google Home

How often have you yelled out at your mom, dad, partner, housemate, friend, or co-worker asking them if they might have seen your phone, only to be told that they don’t know? The good news is that you can now do the same with Google Home and hopefully you will be given a more definitive answer.


Mattel Cancels Their AI-Powered Speakers Over Privacy Concerns

With companies like Amazon showing that there is a demand for smart speakers, it did not come as a surprise to see other companies follow suit. In fact earlier this year Mattel announced that they would be launching a smart speaker of their own aimed at kids, but a report from the Washington Post has revealed that the device has since been cancelled.

Google Home Can Now Be Assigned To Specific Rooms

One of the weird quirks about the Google Home device is that when you try and connect it to your Home app on Android, you couldn’t assign them to rooms. You could assign other devices to individual rooms, like the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and etc., and control them using Google Home, but the Google Home device itself could not be assigned.

Google Home ‘Night Mode’ Currently Being Tested

It used to be back in the day that users would have to manually choose from various profiles on their phones, like if you were in a meeting you would set it to meeting mode where it would remain silent, or if you’re outside you would set it to outdoors mode where it would be louder to compensate for a potentially noisy environment.

Google Home ‘Max’ High-End Stereo Speakers Reportedly In The Works

Recently we have heard rumors that Google could be working on a smaller version of the Google Home that would compete with devices like the Echo Dot, and recently leaked photos have seem to have provided us with evidence of such a device. However it also seems that Google could have another set of Google Home speakers in the works.

New Amazon Echo, Echo Plus Speakers Announced

It was reported that Amazon would be holding a surprise press event today in which new devices would be announced. One of the new devices that we saw was the Amazon Echo Spot which seems to combine the Echo Dot and the Echo Show into a small speaker device with a 2.5-inch display.

Amazon Echo Spot Speaker Announced

When Amazon launched their series of Echo speakers, they were essentially just speakers with the main selling point being that Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant, has been baked into it. However Amazon then introduced the larger Echo Show which featured a built-in display, but if you wanted something smaller then you’re in luck.

Bose’s SoundWear Are Speakers You Can Wear Around Your Neck

Bose recently took the wraps off a bunch of new headphones, but in case you’re not really in the market for headphones and wanted a set of speakers, you’re in luck because Bose has recently announced the SoundWear Companion speaker, which as you can see in the photo above is a set of speakers that you can actually wear around your neck.

Google’s FCC Filing Hints At Upcoming Google Home Mini

Just the other day we reported that thanks to a huge leak shared by Droid-Life, it seemed that Google has quite a few product announcements they will be making in the coming weeks. One of those leaks revealed that Google has a new Google Home speaker in the works in the form of the Google Home Mini, which might have been confirmed by an FCC filing.

Google Home Mini Leaked, Rumored To Cost $49

The Google Home was Google’s first foray into smart speakers where it seemed that they were looking to compete with the likes of the Amazon Echo lineup of devices. However unlike the Echo series of devices, Google Home was only offered in one size and one option, although recent rumors have indicated that a smaller version could be in the works.

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker Announced

Bluetooth speakers come in varying shapes and sizes, but if you’re after something small and compact that you can chuck easily into a backpack and bring with you on the go, then Bose has you covered as the company has recently announced the Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speakers.