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This Machine Converts Foreign Currency Into iTunes Credits
We’ve all been there where upon returning from a holiday in a foreign country, we’re left with spare change that’s just too small to bother changing back to local currency. What we do is we keep it and tell ourselves we can use it for our next trip, but if you wanted a more practical way to use that change, you’re in luck.

Starbucks In The US Are Now PokeStops And Gyms
A couple of days ago, a leaked Starbucks memo seemed to hint that the coffee chain company and Niantic were planning something big, and sure enough those plans have since been revealed. It was initially thought that this could be the highly awaited 100 Pokemon update, but it turns out that it isn’t.

100 Pokemon Update Could Be Coming To Pokemon GO This Week
According to a report from last week, datamining efforts have revealed that Niantic has an update planned for Pokemon GO that will see the release of 100 new Pokemon from the Pokemon Gold/Silver version of the franchise. It was also rumored that the update would arrive in December.

Physical Lyft Gift Cards Now Being Sold Via Starbucks
Next time you’re in a Starbucks, you can pick up a gift card for a popular ride-sharing service along with your coffee. Lyft has made physical gift cards worth $20 that it’s going to sell through Starbucks coffee shops across the U.S. The gift card provides the user with $20 in ride credit which they can use via the app. As an incentive to get people to buy these cards, […]


Starbucks Launches Their Own Standalone Emoji Keyboard App
Starbucks is a company known for their coffee (and to a certain extent, their tea selection as well). However the company has dabbled in mobile ventures in the past, such as creating their own Starbucks app that lets customers order coffee in advance, and even lets customers pay for their purchases using the app as well.

Starbucks App For Windows Phone To Arrive Soon
Are you a heavy coffee drinker, or perhaps a casual one who loves to hang out at Starbucks no matter where you go simply because you love the consistency of the drinks regardless of which outlet in the many countries in which you have visited? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, then you would surely have seen the Starbucks app on iOS and Android platforms function as a […]

Save Songs You Heard At Starbucks On Spotify
While you may or may not enjoy the beverages served at Starbucks, if there is one thing that the Starbucks outlets are known for it would be their choice in music, which presumably has been chosen to give off a relaxing and cafe vibe. If you like what you hear and would like to replicate that environment for your home, you can now do that easily.

Technology Helps Deaf Place Orders At Starbucks Drive-Thru
Those who are hard of hearing will definitely find ordering food and drinks at a drive-thru to be frustrating or perhaps impossible at times, but it looks like coffee company Starbucks intends to bridge the divide with the help of technology. 28-year-old Rebecca King of St. Augustine, Florida, uploaded a video to her Facebook that showed what happened when she made an order at a local Starbucks drive-thru.

Apple Pay Coming To Starbucks, KFC, And Chili’s
When Apple Pay was announced, it was actually surprising that Starbucks was not one of the supported retailers. After all Starbucks seems to be pretty well ahead of the technology by introducing the ability to pay using apps and smartphones, so one would think that they would be quick to jump on board with mobile payments like Apple Pay.That being said if you think so too, you might be pleased […]

Starbucks For Android’s Mobile Order Feature Now Available Nationwide
We’re sure many of us have stood in line at Starbucks to place an order, only to have the person in front of us rattle off some long and complicated order, only for the barista to get it wrong meaning we would have to wait for them to re-do it again. Now the good news is that for Android users, you guys can use the mobile order feature.The feature was […]

Starbucks & New York Times Will Deliver News To Your Phone In 2016
There has always been this imagery offered up in movies and TV shows where we grab a coffee and a newspaper at the same time, thus consuming both our beverage and news together. Now it looks like Starbucks wants to make that imagery real as they have recently announced a partnership with The New York Times.Starting in 2016, the Starbucks app will now display news stories from The New York […]

Man Hacks Starbucks Gift Card, Creates Money Out Of Thin Air
Gift cards are handy if you don’t know what to buy someone. It can also be used like a prepaid system like iTunes Gift Cards where you can purchase a $50 card for yourself and limit your app purchases to that amount. However it seems that security research Egor Homakov has found a way to hack the Starbucks gift card to create unlimited amounts of money.According to Homakov (via Business […]

Spotify And Starbucks Team Up For Better Customer Experience
Some people go to Starbucks because they like the coffee. Some just go out of convenience because it’s nearby, and some go to Starbucks for the environment, the music, the decor, and so on. Now if you’re the type that enjoys just hanging out at Starbucks, reading a book and listening to music, the coffee chain has recently announced a partnership with Spotify.This partnership aims to enhance the experience of […]

Hackers Stole Money From The Starbucks App
The Starbucks app for mobile devices makes it very easy to order and pay for your coffee, particularly when you’re in a rush, so it’s no wonder that quite a lot of people have their credit cards linked with the app in order to quickly pay for their coffee. Those who do have their cards linked to the app might want to change the password on their accounts, and perhaps even […]