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HP Terminates WebOS Devices
In the wake of slow sales of WebOS devices, HP has announced that it is terminating its line of WebOS devices, which includes the TouchPad Tablet and the smartphones. HP has announced this as it revealed its quarterly revenue of $32.2 Billion, up slightly when compared to last year.If there’s one thing to take away from this announcement, it is this: competing in the hardware space is extremely tough and […]

HP TouchPad 64GB exists but not in the US
Unicorns and the 64GB HP TouchPad – what do they have in common? Nothing as of today actually – as the latter is now the real deal, while unicorns remain a myth. HP has decided to stash away 64GB of storage space in the TouchPad – which is good and well, but how many of them do you think they will sell? After all, it isn’t to say that it […]

HP TouchPad price cut is permanent
Being an early adopter sucks sometimes – especially when the device which you picked up isn’t even a year old, and it has already experienced a permanent price cut. Some of the ‘victims’ to this unwanted phenomenon would be the Nintendo 3DS, and more recently, the HP TouchPad. The low-end TouchPad has seen its asking price slashed by a Benjamin to just $399 as this webOS-powered tablet intends to stand […]

HP TouchPad 4G up for pre-order on Amazon
Interested in purchasing the new HP TouchPad tablet that features a faster internet connection than the one available now? Great news, because it looks like the HP TouchPad 4G could be almost upon us. The webOS 3 tablet headed for AT&T’s HSPA+ network was recently spotted as being available for pre-order on Amazon’s website. And like most 4G devices, the tablet isn’t going to come cheap.I wonder how long the […]


webOS update for HP TouchPad
Fancy some Over The Air (OTA) goodness from HP? The world’s top computer manufacturer has just announced the latest webOS update that will arrive on your spanking new tablet via the OTA method, moving webOS up a notch to version 3.0.2, where it is touted to improve the TouchPad’s performance and reliability. No kidding, Sherlock, most updates are supposed to do stuff like that, so this is pretty much keeping […]

HP TouchPad to launch this July 17th, OTA update arriving shortly?
The HP TouchPad seems to be rather elusive at the moment, having popped up here and there as an image or rumor, but never having a true blue release date attached to it. Well, what can be done about the situation? Either HP comes clean with the situation to reveal the exact release dates so that geeks like you and I are able to budget our monthly expenses to accommodate […]

Wireless keyboard does it all, lacks kitchen sink
Convergence technology has crept up upon us for quite some time already, and we have seen just how phones used to see action only when you made or receive calls, followed by text messaging being introduced. Once color displays became the norm, a built-in camera (that has an ever increasing megapixel count by the year) proved to be quite the hit in all phone models, and now, our phones have […]

HP TouchPad confirmed for the UK
Well, it looks like the UK release date for the HP TouchPad has been confirmed, where it will arrive across the pond this coming July 15th, hitting, PC World, Curry’s, Amazon, Argos, Comet, & Carphone Warehouse. Up next would be the pricing details, of course, as you mull over whether to part with £399 for the 16GB model, or £479 for the 32GB TouchPad instead. Reviews for the tablet […]

Palm Pre and Pixi owners receive $50 mail-in rebate on $599 HP TouchPad
Want a new HP TouchPad, but find its $599 price tag to be rather intimidating? Well, you are one fortunate soul if you happen to own a Palm Pre or Palm Pixi (with the Plus versions of both models), as owners of said smartphones are eligible for a $50 mail-in rebate for the 32GB HP TouchPad. Granted, that is less than 10% of the retail price, but every little bit […]

HP TouchPad beats iPad to Facebook app
We have heard whispers of the iPad finally getting a dedicated Facebook app (can you actually believe that something so popular still lacks what some deem to be a basic necessity when it comes to apps on the iPad?), but as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, HP’s TouchPad has beat out the iPad when it comes to getting a dedicated Facebook app. Leaked […]

MicroPointing's Miniature Mouse Fits On Just About Anything
Israeli start-up company MicroPointing has come up with a miniature mouse, except in this case it’s not a typical mouse per se, but rather a tiny touchpad that comes in at 1mm squared which they claim can be placed on just about any object to control it. Thanks to only 3 sensors, and a secret algorithm, the touchpad will be able to pull detailed data from your gestures, for example […]

HP TouchPad now up for pre-order
Have you made the jump over to the tablet revolution just yet? If the answer isn’t in the affirmative, then you might be interested in the HP TouchPad, which is the first webOS-powered tablet from HP. It has finally arrived at the pre-order stage, so placing one doesn’t mean you can bring home one of these puppies straight away. There is a long list of retailers which will carry the […]

TouchPad Emulator Beta 5 leaked, Mojo compatibility mode revealed
HP has released several versions of the TouchPad emulator for HP webOS 3.0 in recent weeks, alongside the Enyo SDK (Software Development Kit) into the Early Access Program, and it has been revealed that there will be a Mojo compatibility mode inside, letting webOS 3.0-powered devices being fully capable of handling older Mojo apps without missing a beat.HP was true to their word by calling it an emulation window, where […]

Walmart carries HP TouchPad for $599
While we saw that Playboy had speculated on the HP TouchPad’s price point of around $500 last week, they were off by a Benjamin – at least according to Walmart’s books, having tagged the tablet device at $599 a pop. The model in question is the 32GB variety, where it will clearly have the TouchPad square up with Apple’s 32GB Wi-Fi iPad 2. Apart from the pricing information, there is […]

HP TouchPad might get cloud music service
Word on the street has it that HP might just be working on new music and movie stores that will target webOS-powered devices, including the soon-to-come HP TouchPad tablet. Known as the HP Music Store and HP Movie Store, this is just leaked information, although you can more or less say that it will be confirmed sometime down the road – and not too soon, either.The leaked slide did point […]

SwiftPoint Mouse aims to replace your laptop's touchpad
Gearzap has just announced the release of their tiny award-winning mouse that is designed to make cursor pointing while on to go much easier. Called the SwiftPoint, this tiny mouse is touted to be comfortable and ergonomic to hold and intuitive to use. The SwiftPoint is held just like a pen and is said to be 30-40% more efficient than a touchpad, making it perfect for tasks like Photoshop and […]

Qualcomm says HP TouchPad does 1080p stereoscopic 3D without batting an eyelid
Qualcomm must be pretty proud of their new blue eyed boy which comes in the form of the recently announced HP TouchPad, where this 10-inch tablet is powered by the Snapdragon APQ8060 processor from Qualcomm. Despite being a low-power ARM-based chip, it does not only deliver a decent battery life in smartphones and tablets, but packs quite a fair bit of fight in it as well. This potent combination of […]

iPad 3 to arrive in September?
Sometimes those iPad rumors are so wild you don’t know if they’re true or just stirring things up. At this point, we’d suggest you take the latest rumor with a pinch of salt, since it claims that the iPad 3 could be arriving as early as September this fall. It started off when Daring Fireball’s John Gruber mentioned that the freshly announced HP TouchPad webOS tablet might just run into […]

HP TouchPad – the first webOS tablet
One of the most highly-anticipated webOS devices was revealed at HP’s webOS event today – the very first webOS tablet called TouchPad. HP has finally announced their entry into the webOS tablet market with this device and it’s looking good so far. The TouchPad packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core 1.2GHz processor, a 9.7″ touchscreen (1024 x 768), 16 or 32GB of storage, Flash support, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, internal stereo speakers […]

Sony Patents Back Touchpad Support, Possibly For The PSP2?
Many folks out there are snooping around for hints of the PSP2 and while this isn’t confirmation of what the device will feature, a patent has been discovered, suggesting that Sony is looking into the possibility of integrating a touchpad at the back of devices, similar to what is used on the Motorola Spice. The design might include a device with dual displays, with the one folded at the back […]