Israeli start-up company MicroPointing has come up with a miniature mouse, except in this case it’s not a typical mouse per se, but rather a tiny touchpad that comes in at 1mm squared which they claim can be placed on just about any object to control it. Thanks to only 3 sensors, and a secret algorithm, the touchpad will be able to pull detailed data from your gestures, for example picking up on the force of your fingertips. If you’re wondering why this is such a big deal, it’s because of the number of possibilities that a touchpad this tiny, could open up.


For example manufacturers could embed the touchpad onto a ring, in which the user will be able to control their tablet, so they could just prop up their tablet, sit back and swipe through pages in their browser, all from touching their ring. Music levels can be adjusted via headphones just by touching it and sliding a finger up or down to adjust volume. It could even be embedded onto the bezel of gaming devices which could potentially reduce the need for actual, physical joysticks or buttons.

Apart from added functionality, the miniature touchpad will also change the way things are designed, which means thanks to its tiny form factor, certain gadgets or devices will cease the need to be so big, tablets and smartphones will also be able to start seeing bigger screens, and not worry about needing extra room for hard keys. Check out the video below for more examples.

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