This Dating App Requires You To Be A Verified Twitter User

The idea behind verified accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms is that it is to ensure that posts coming from that particular account are really from the people they say they are, and now it looks like a verified Twitter status could let you into an exclusive dating app.

Twitter Claims There Is ‘Significantly Less Abuse’ On Its Platform Now

It is a rather unfortunate association, but Twitter has been getting a bit of a bad rep for being a platform for trolls and bullies, where people have been making all kinds of insensitive and hurtful comments to the point where users (including celebrities) have been driven off the platform as a result.

Twitter Looking To Let Users Report Fake News

Fake news is a problem that many social medias are trying to get a handle on. We’ve seen how platforms such as Facebook have introduced various tools and algorithms to help hide fake news and give users the option of reporting them, and in a report from The Washington Post, it looks like Twitter is working on something similar as well.

Twitter Is Apparently Better At Detecting Riots Than The Police

Since human nature is sometimes unpredictable, there are certain situations in which we can only react to as opposed to acting early and preventing them from happening. However it has not stopped researchers from trying to predict events before they happen, like creating algorithms to detect when/where terrorists might attack.


Twitter For Android Now Has Automatic Night Mode

Night mode for apps isn’t exactly new, and for Twitter users, this feature actually rolled out last year. However some of you guys might have also heard that Twitter was recently testing out an automatic night mode feature where users could set a time in which the app will automatically switch to night mode.

Periscope Lets Users Tip Broadcasters With ‘Super Hearts’

Those who live stream their gaming on Twitch as their full time job obviously need a way to make money. Sure, there are sponsorships, but it’s always nice when the community helps out too, and Twitch introduced an official way to tip broadcasters last year through a feature called Cheering.

Twitter Announces Major Redesign

After refreshing its brand in a significant way last year, Twitter has acted on the feedback it has received from users and introduced an entirely new look for the microblogging service today. The new look has been created with the idea of making Twitter feel lighter, faster, and easier to use. The new changes will be rolled out across Twitter on the web, Twitter for iOS and Android, Twitter Lite, […]

Twitter’s New DM Feature Protects Users From People They Don’t Follow

Twitter has an abuse problem and they know it, where trolls and bullies use the platform to target people they don’t like by tweeting at them and sending them unwanted messages. However the good news is that Twitter has made some changes to its DM feature that should help protect users from unwanted messages.

The Only App On President Trump’s iPhone Won’t Surprise You

You can imagine that there are extremely strict security protocols for any electronic device used by the President of the United States. It’s the most powerful job in the world and requires utmost secrecy where the president’s communications are concerned. President Trump does have an iPhone that he uses, and the only third-party app that’s installed on it won’t surprise you one bit.

Premium Twitter Service Being Considered

Twitter has always been free. You can sign up right away and start using the service without having to pay it. However, as the company tries to come up with new ways of generating revenue, it has been thinking about launching a premium subscription-based service. Twitter is actively considering a premium service and isn’t ruling it out at this point in time.

Vine Users’ Emails Were Compromised

Twitter has informed users of its now-defunct Vine platform that their email addresses and in some cases, their phone numbers, were compromised to third parties. The company mentions that the user information was only exposed for a day and that it wasn’t misused, but still, users should be careful and keep an eye on any unusual activity associated with their email accounts.

Twitter Users Can Now DM Support For Help

Back in April it was reported that Twitter was testing out a new support tool that would basically allow users to speak with Twitter Support to resolve any issues that they might have. It looks like that testing is done and concluded because Twitter has since announced that the feature is now live and open to all users.

Twitter’s New NFL Deal Brings Live Video Sans Games

Twitter’s deal with NFL for its Thursday Night Football games ended this year. Amazon is now streaming those games but the microblogging network has inked another deal with the NFL. While the new deal does feature live video it doesn’t include any games.

Twitter Using Deep Learning To Recommend Tweets

With Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, at the start the companies relied on chronological order to display updates on the user’s timeline. However we later saw a change where these social media platforms started to use algorithms to display posts that are based on the user’s preferences instead of chronological order.