Pregnancy test vending machine in a bar is a world’s first

Just like how oil and water do not mix, so too are alcohol and being pregnant. The thing is, there are some party goers among the ladies who might not know that they are pregnant, which is where the idea for a pregnancy test vending machine being installed in bars comes in handy, helping prevent prenatal exposure to alcohol. It makes sense really, considering how drinking alcohol when one is […]

Vending machine gives drink discount on hot days

When the mercury rises, 18 vending machines that have been installed in Spain will offer a temporary respite from the sweltering heat with a sweet offer that you cannot refuse – by lowering the price point of its drinks, of course. Spanish marketing agency Momentum is behind this particular idea, having installed 18 vending machines that are capable of monitoring just what kind of temperature is being offered to us […]

Purchase a Pepsi via Facebook in the UK

Earlier this year, we talked about how Pepsi’s social vending machine was a move to increase their brand awareness, and here we are into the second half of the year, with word that PepsiCo might just roll out an interactive vending machine in the UK, enabling shoppers to purchase drinks for their friends who have a sweet tooth. This can be performed remotely over Facebook.The name Pepsi Touch has also […]

Teen thief foiled by Coke vending machine

Who says that all vending machines are dumb, spitting out whatever wares it carries in exchange for money? I am quite sure that after reading this bit of news, you would say that vending machines, too, have a sense of fair play and justice. A California teen managed to get his arm jammed in a Coca-Cola vending machine when he tried to steal a soda, with the receiving slot seemingly […]


Vending machine helps you earn loyalty points

Now here is a vending machine that offers more than just dispensing some goods in exchange for money – in fact, this particular vending machine will also allow one to earn loyalty points. Right now, Japan’s largest loyalty program T-Point is part of the media and retail giant Tsutaya, boasting 46,000 supporting retailers and more than 35 million members. Since this pool highly connected customer base results in plenty of […]

Marijuana vending machine sounds like a hit from the 1960s

Grass, weed, Mary Jane – they are all different names for the same thing, which is marijuana. While we have seen our fair share of rather weird vending machines in recent memory, this might be one of the more controversial ones yet. Never mind if you have to tackle a machine to get a free can of beer, or to tweet the right message over Twitter, this marijuana vending machine […]

Twitter-activated vending machine

So we have vending machines that actually spit out pizzas, or ones that require you to tackle them before rewarding you with a can of ice cold beer, making me wonder just what other vending machines out there are able to capture the imagination and attention of the masses as they get more and more sophisticated, or at least dispense with non-traditional items? That would mean traveling over to the […]

Rugbeer machine loves a good tackle, dispenses beer afterwards

We have seen our fair share of quirky vending machines in the past, and the Rugbeer machine will definitely rank among them. After all, most of us are civilized folk – we take a gander at what that particular vending machine has on offer, think of our purchase decision, get out the right amount of money for the item of our choice, and enjoy the food or drink that we […]

Hug a Coca-Cola vending machine for free Cokes

Coca-Cola has long been one of the favorite soft drinks for billions of people around the globe, and until now, the fabled recipe of this drink remains top secret, with some circles claiming that the two parts of the recipe are held by different people at any one time in order to prevent the replication should someone steal it (unless said person nicks away both, of course). Well, if reading […]

Vending machine dispenses freshly cut apples

We have covered our fair share of vending machines over the course of this year, and there does not seem to be any stopping of such news from making the headlines yet again. The latest vending machine to hit the news would be this particular model in downtown Tokyo, in particular, the Kasumigaseki subway station or the Suidobashi subway station, where it dispenses fresh cut apples after you drop in […]

Coca-Cola “Interactive Happiness Machine” hits Tokyo, Japan

Japan is the country with the most vending machines per capita, and here we are with Coca-Cola’s “Interactive Happiness Machine” that has arrived in the capital of Japan, Tokyo. It is not exactly the newest idea on the block, as back in 2010, Coca-Cola might have been the one to deliver what could very well be the most amazing viral marketing stunt to date, where they “rigged” a vending machine […]

Giant Doritos vending machine is also SxSW stage

The SXSW Festival is definitely a fun place to be at if you love emerging talents in the music and film industries, and it has grown to be the highest revenue-producing event for the Austin, Texas economy – according to Wikipedia, raking in around $167 million just last year alone. This means it is a big enough event for companies to throw in the right amount of advertising dollars, and […]

Vending machine dispenses fresh milk

All right, vending machines are starting to get more and more interesting these days, and what we have here is a vending machine which dispenses farm fresh raw milk. Of course, yesterday we looked at a hand-cranked vending machine that worked in case of a power failure in an emergency, while other past “luminaries” include one that popped out fresh eggs, fresh bananas, fresh fish…and cupcakes to wash it all […]

In case of emergency: Hand-crank vending machine

Japan has long been established to be the land that has the most vending machines to serve its large population (numbering at around 5.5 million machines that cater for around 127 million people), and this time around we have a version of the vending machine which will be able to work even when there is no power supply available. The whole idea behind this vending machine? To be able to […]