A lot of businesses still largely rely on WiFi for communications and connectivity. However, the problem with WiFi is that it can be affected by things like range, where if you walk from one end of an area to another, you might lose coverage. This is versus cellular connectivity where the signal strength is stronger.

This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Verizon will be teaming up with Nokia to help build private 5G networks aimed at enterprises. According to Verizon, “A private 5G network is a self-contained network whose components all reside in a single facility, consisting of micro towers and small cells and connects to an organization’s Local Area Network (LAN) and enterprise applications. It will utilize Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud, a private wireless network solution with automation enablers that will allow for application deployment through a web-based interface.”

What’s interesting about this announcement is that it was previously mentioned that the deployment of 5G could result in businesses switching from WiFi to 5G. Like we said, coverage is one of the advantages of cellular networks, plus with the speeds offered by 5G, it could really change the way businesses use the internet.

Some companies have already stated that they plan to eventually replace their WiFi networks with 5G, while others are looking into possibly using 5G to perhaps improve on their operations and accomplish things that might not have been possible before.

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